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Exploring new cuisines and practicing his passion for food photography has helped Tim Cheung build one of the Bay Area’s leading food Instagram accounts. His rapid growth has inspired him to help others, in both exposure and consultation.

Born in San Jose, California, Tim was surrounded by a variety of different cultures and cuisines;  raised on the deliciousness served up by his local pho restaurants, the satisfaction delivered by his favorite boba hotspots, and the comfort provided by his go-to burger joints, Tim developed his palate on everything the Bay Area had to offer.   During the period when social media first started to emerge, Tim took up an interest in food blogging and started spending most of his time glued to his phone, studying food trends and reading reviews crafted by several critics. Over the years, his fascination and passion had grown to the point where Tim started making his own online contributions to the local food scene; in 2015, his Instagram account @bayarea.foodies was born, becoming the main location of Tim’s many food pics and local restaurant reviews. While the account started as a hobby, Tim’s refined taste in both appetizing food and aesthetic photography earned him a rapidly growing following and well-deserved recognition.

Even before making his account the focus of a full-time career back in 2018, Tim was aware of the ever-expanding influence of social media. His consistency and dedication have certainly contributed to his growth, but his innovative nature has been the driving force. He added to his amazing photography and in-depth reviews with video content, delivering mouth-watering mukbangs and more behind-the-scenes glimpses into the life of a food blogger. Tim has even crossed platforms, introducing his TikTok @bayareafoodies in early 2020; he has already managed to collect over 145K followers. His efforts have even led to viral success: one of his Instagram videos has over 9 million views and one TikTok post has surpassed 5 million.

Tim has taken the lessons of his experience and achievements to help others thrive. Realizing the influence of online exposure and knowing his audience includes some of the Bay Area’s most ardent food lovers, Tim has used his account to focus on the hidden gems across the Bay, especially minority-owned restaurants. During the pandemic, he has made sure to advocate for struggling businesses, urging his followers to support local restaurants, bakeries, and eateries. Beyond his personal account, Tim has started the business venture Unibition LLC, aimed to provide consultation, marketing expertise, and content creation for booming artists, bloggers, and restaurants. For those struggling to make a name for themselves on the Internet, Tim supplies them with strategies to market themselves better and build their brands. Given the continuing importance of social media, Tim’s efforts are helping a number of clients gain popularity online.

Tim’s meteoric rise among the food bloggers in the Bay Area is a testament to his hard work and drive; his desire to pay that success forward speaks well for the career he has built and the community that supports him. The social media sphere is forever changing, but it’s clear that Tim Cheung will continue to flourish. Keep up-to-date on Tim’s work on Instagram @bayarea.foodies and on TikTok @bayareafoodies.

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