Meet The Maestro: This Entrepreneur’s Greatest Hire Was Servant Leadership

The Coronavirus pandemic took a toll on the economy not seen since the Great Recession of 2008. Consumer spending plummeted, travel was halted, and nearly 200,000 American businesses that could not successfully weather its ramifications were forced to close their doors.

Amid such widespread panic, you might surmise that the last thing on anyone’s mind in 2020 was starting a new business. And, for the most part, you’d probably be right.

Not the case, however, for Nareg Mouradian, an entrepreneur of Armenian descent who, instead of dialing back his efforts for his safety, saw an opportunity in 2020 to help American healthcare organizations go the extra mile in their service efforts. Mouradian founded Maestro Development in 2015, and in 2020 founded Maestro Medical..

Building a Career & Cultural Empathy

Mouradian was born in Ethiopia and educated in California. He is of Armenian descent and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in construction engineering technology from California State Polytechnic University (CPP).

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After graduating from CSPU, he furthered his education at Chapman University in Orange, California, graduating with an Executive Master of Business Administration degree. He would quickly rise through the corporate ranks, garnering on-the-job experience through many high-level positions.

Mouradian’s multicultural background and empathy toward the international community have helped him “build trust and relationships unilaterally” and integrate a culture of mutual inclusivity in the businesses he runs today.

But, for Mouradian, his sense of self-awareness would lead to a burning desire for something more.

A Need for Greater Fulfillment

Mouradian worked for a large construction company while attending Chapman University for his Executive MBA. While grateful for the experience, he always knew he wanted to find something more than what the typical 9 to 5 would offer.

“Prior to starting Maestro Development, I always struggled with internal leadership,” he says. “Before enrolling in Chapman University Executive MBA program, my current employer at the time deterred me from attending. I was with a large construction firm, and they wanted me to focus on construction, which, of course, I did, but my entrepreneurial fire was burning internally, and I knew the Executive MBA would help guide my future business practices.”

Mouradian would realize that the typical corporate schedule offered little in the way of creativity and internal growth, and his desire for entrepreneurship only continued to grow as he transitioned into another high-level position for a Fortune 500 company as well as a role as senior project manager for The Walt Disney Company.

“I quickly learned that, in those corporate settings, your efforts have to be conformed and standardized,” he says. “There really was no creativity or opportunity for growth besides finding ways to climb the corporate ladder for me.”

Unable to find the fulfillment he needed working for someone else, he started Maestro Development in 2015, a real estate development firm that now serves the healthcare, government, education, and housing industries.

Cue the Pandemic

Mouradian rode a wave of success that his real estate development company brought him when the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020. Seeing the virus’s catastrophic effect on healthcare workers and the medical equipment supply chain, he set out to do something about it.

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He founded Maestro Medical, a medical equipment service company that provides “concierge white-glove service” to healthcare organizations in the United States. Specifically, his business specializes in procurement assistance, medical equipment placement drawings, logistics services, and reuse assessments for existing equipment, among others.

“Maestro Medical provides a symphony of Medical Equipment services orchestrating procurement, planning, logistics, and construction,” he says.

“What sets us apart is that we are able to provide white glove service with our partners and clients with an experienced team. I am most proud that we are not a staffing firm. We truly care about our partners and integrate ourselves within their culture and vision.”

Maestro Medical’s focus is two-fold: helping healthcare facilities make the most of what they have and/or acquire the right equipment, at the right time, with the right budget.

Maestro has served a distinguished list of clients, some of which include Cedars Sinai, Providence Health Systems,  and thr State of California

Focusing on Service (and Finding Beauty in the Struggle)

“Life is not always perfect. Like a road, it has many bends, ups, and downs, but that’s its beauty,” says Mouradian. “You need faith and belief in your cause on the journey. Otherwise, you won’t make it.”

To Mouradian, servant leadership matters the most, being there for his teammates and customers to the point of self-sacrifice.

“It’s not about Maestro. It’s about getting the orchestra to play the right tune so that the audience (clients) can have a memorable experience,” he says.

“At the end of the day, you remember the people and experience. Serving those people has lasting value and feeds my soul.”

Today, Mouradian continues to operate both companies as President & CEO. He is highly regarded by colleagues and clients thanks to his communication, determination, and desire to exceed service expectations.

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The Maestro Development and Medical team say they are proud to offer top-notch project management, construction management, and development services to their clients.  Their Market sectors include Health Care, Public Agency, Multi-Story/ Mixed-use, and Higher Education.

Nareg says that Maestro development is focused on providing a Hands-On approach and ensuring their clients receive successful solutions. Mouradian states, “We are determined to ensure the right delivery methods are being applied during the planning design and construction process.

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