Meet the Latina entrepreneur who has brought a woman’s touch to the cannabis industry

Flowers, joints, vapes, edibles, tinctures, oils, and more – the cannabis industry has exploded in size in recent years, and it shows no signs of stopping. According to statistics, global sales of legal adult-use cannabis products have reached 16.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 and the market is expected to expand at an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.3% in the years to come.

There are various factors that have contributed to this meteoric rise. On one hand, we have a relaxation of laws around cannabis and its derivatives and an increasing rate of legalization which have led to widespread acceptance of the compound, both in the medical field and among the population. Then, we have an army of researchers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs who have been working hard behind the scenes to remove the stigma on cannabis, bring awareness to this topic and provide access to safe and efficient cannabis-derived products to anyone who may benefit from it.

Looking back at how things were just a decade ago, one can safely that cannabis is a pretty forward-thinking industry that has evolved a lot in a relatively short period of time, although there’s still a long way to go and a lot of room for improvement in this field. And part of this improvement is driven by female entrepreneurs like Priscilla Vilchis who have taken it upon themselves to bring a breath of fresh air into the cannabis sphere and push the industry forward.

Breaking barriers in a competitive industry

With cannabis brands popping up everywhere and an increasing number of products crowding the shelves in shops, dispensaries, supermarkets, and grocery stores, it’s quite obvious that we’re looking at a highly competitive environment where only the strongest can make themselves heard and noticed.

But the tough level of competition in an environment that used to be compared to the Wild West didn’t intimidate Priscilla Vilchis. The self-made business magnate of today was already used to operate in a field where the stakes are high, having managed some of Southern California’s top physicians. When she was in her 20’s, before entering the cannabis industry, Priscilla worked as a medical practice consultant. Her job was to help medical professionals navigate regulations and negotiate with insurance companies, and she was great at it.

Now she’s running a thriving cannabis empire called Premium Produce, with operations in Las Vegas, Nev., and Lynwood, Calif., and she’s one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry. Her years of relentless work and hard efforts paid off, helping her break many barriers in the field – she was the first and youngest minority female CEO to be granted a license to cultivate and produce medical and recreational cannabis in Nevada, which has also earned her the title of Queen of the desert.

It was her deeply-rooted passion for innovation and advances in medicine that prompted her interest in cannabis in the first place. She already had a solid background working in healthcare, so breaking into the cannabis sector was something that came naturally. So, in 2014, Vilchis actively started searching for the best state to invest in marijuana and Nevada appeared on her radar.

From that moment on, she fought hard to build her company from the ground up, and you can be sure that the fight was anything but easy. There were multiple challenges that Priscilla faced along the way, from lobbying to submitting applications, navigating the legal environment, and investing a considerable amount of money with no guarantee of success. But in the end, she managed to bring her vision to life and now she’s the owner and CEO of a 25,000 square foot, $10 million cultivation and laboratory facility in Las Vegas that produces 16 strains, and her signature brand Reina sells some of the best-rated marijuana products on the market.

Spreading education and knowledge about cannabis

For Priscilla, educating the public about cannabis and ensuring access to educational resources is extremely important, as she is well aware of the level of misinformation and the preconceptions that plague the cannabis world.

This is a particularly sensitive topic in minority communities, especially in the Latino communities, where children are taught from a very young age that if they consume marijuana they will die. Being a Latina herself and being raised in a similar fashion, she understands better than anyone the impact that this kind of upbringing can have. She points out that people in these communities are completely oblivious to the benefits of medicinal marijuana, so she’s fighting hard to change these erroneous perceptions and shed light on the issue.

That’s where her deep knowledge of cannabis and her persuasion skills come into play. Vilchis often talks to community members as a passionate advocate, presenting them with facts and hard evidence that can help them gain a better understanding of cannabis and its many beneficial properties. She’s also consulted by different organizations for her expert opinion and advice, and she has been featured in various prestigious publications, further reinforcing her status as a specialist in the field.

A brand that’s creating a lot of buzz

It’s definitely not easy to change old beliefs and convince the skeptics to look at cannabis in a different light, but if there’s someone who can do that, that’s Priscilla Vilchis. Her brand Reina, named after the Spanish word for Queen, plays an important role in the equation.

Reina has been making waves in the cannabis market, providing premium marijuana products presented as luxury items. The brand exudes style and sophistication, taking a different approach by placing a special focus on details and quality. Priscilla also plans to grow her empire and bring down up to 600/lbs in Nevada by December 2022, facilitating more dispensaries in the state.

One can say that Reina offers a perfect representation of Priscilla Vilchis’ journey in the cannabis industry – it’s a brand that’s founded on values such as diversity, inclusivity, and uniqueness, and just like its founder, it brings its contribution to expanding and making the cannabis sphere a more welcoming and positive space for everyone.

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