Meet the Creative Mind Behind the Best YouTubers Today

YouTube is home to millions of creators. As one of the most popular video-sharing platforms today, many have turned to the app to share their everyday content with the world and hopefully get paid. But it is impossible to talk about this platform and the many creators without mentioning LuckyDesigns, the man behind some of the most popular YouTube videos.

Lucky Lion Nunthatee, aka LuckyDesigns, is a celebrated graphic designer and video editor. At 16, LuckyDesigns made a name for himself in the scene, working with some of the biggest YouTubers to create stunning visuals instantly recognizable to millions of fans. LuckyDesigns has worked with KSI, DTG, TBJZL, IShowSpeed, and more.

His style sets him apart. LuckyDesigns is self-taught. He started learning design and editing in 2016, which he says was ‘by accident’.

Like many young people, LuckDesigns was looking for career inspiration online. When he couldn’t find what he wanted, he decided to watch some YouTube videos of graphic designers as a pastime. He continued watching and even attempted to create similar designs from the tutorials.

Through lots of research and practice, LuckyDesigns perfected his skills and found a style that expresses what graphic design means to him. LuckyDesigns draws inspiration from the 90s and 2000s films, movie posters, album covers, and magazines. His talent for creating eye-catching visuals is unparalleled, and his designs are often praised for their creativity and attention to detail. Lucky’s work includes designing custom thumbnails for videos, banners, cover art, and video editing.

He says his goal is to help fellow creators bring their ideas to life in the best and most creative way that will leave a lasting impression. LuckyDesigns also uses his brand to encourage and motivate other young people.

At 16, LuckyDesigns has cemented his spot as a graphic designer and video editor, with his work attracting massive attention. He has nearly 300K followers on Instagram and has designed some of the top YouTube banners, thumbnails, and Twitter headers. But getting to where he is was challenging and took years of hard work and sacrifice.

LuckyDesigns encountered numerous obstacles due to his young age and because he is self-taught. He says that when he started, he had to constantly prove himself. LuckyDesigns also struggled to create something new and edit, as he didn’t know many tricks and tools. He overcame this by learning from others in the industry, doing more research, and practicing to find what he was good at.

By sharing his story, LuckyDesigns shows other young people and those in graphic design that they can also achieve their goals. You just have to believe in yourself and your ideas, and invest in them. As a graphic designer, it is also important to work on developing your creativity and style, LuckyDesigns says.

In the coming months, LuckyDesigns looks forward to working with more YouTubers in the US and beyond. He is also eyeing the fashion industry and is looking to get into acting and modeling.

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