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Not that many 20-year-olds run their own business, let alone three of them. That is why you can consider LA-based DJ Scher to be an exceptional case. Today, he runs a digital marketing agency and dropshipping business. That’s not bad for a 20-year-old.

It takes tremendous skill, strategy, and determination to maintain an edge in the crowded landscape of social media today. Yet, DJ Scher’s passion for driving growth for brands is what helps him maintain one. He has helped numerous business expand their reach and engagement through viral marketing campaigns, which have led to increased leads and sales for them.

His marketing agency, Scher Marketing, identifies what marketing strategies work best for the specific social media platform and niche a brand operates in. From there, it puts together a tried and true way of getting content to go viral. This has worked successfully for every one of his clients, leading to paramount client satisfaction. Helping brands grow is something DJ Scher enjoys above all else, and is something he plans on doing for the foreseeable future.

Besides running a marketing agency, DJ Scher is also involved in the wide world of dropshipping. At some point, he realized that he could be putting the knowledge and skills he has amassed pertaining to social media marketing to e-commerce. This led to him establishing a dropshipping store called Luxsy, which is geared towards the female market. Since he founded this dropshipping business, it has surged in popularity. In fact, he saw his greatest success with it during the pandemic, when consumers significantly increased their online shopping habits due to restrictions on physical storefronts.

Getting his start on the path of being a successful entrepreneur began in his teens. Back then, DJ Scher was enjoying social media as a hobby. However, he soon realized that he could be capitalizing on his knowledge and skills, and become his own boss. With the entrepreneurial spirit strong within him, he decided to pursue launching a marketing agency, which paved the way for all his other successes. Even when there were obstacles along the way, his sheer determination helped him push through them and come out victorious on the other side.

You can learn more about DJ Scher’s marketing agency and what it offers by going to its Instagram page @ScherMarketing. You can also follow his personal Instagram page @DJScher.


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