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With every passing day, social media continues to prove its power and influence on the world. What was designed as a way to communicate and socialize digitally has now evolved into a growing economy. Today, one’s status on social media is often indicative of their power and significance. And as businesses gravitate toward building a strong social media presence, one of the most important components is growing a large following on Instagram. As many consumers flock to Instagram to engage with brands and businesses, a large following is key in order to be recognized and validated by the consumer community. One up-and-coming social growth company out of the U.K. has been instrumental in the success of dozens of their clients by helping them accrue upwards of 60,000 new Instagram followers. Introducing Social Reign

While they’re known on Instagram for giving away high-end designer bags and luggage and paid holidays at luxury hotels, it’s their giveaways that have managed to guarantee clients a minimum of 20,000 new followers on Instagram. Having perfected the science of the ultimate Instagram giveaway, Social Reign uses an elite team of celebrities and mega influencers to promote their clients by way of the giveaway model. In doing this, Social Reign has leveraged the millions of followers their influencing partners have in order to deliver thousands of new followers for their clients. Instagram users simply follow the Social Reign accounts that the influencers promote in the giveaway and in turn, clients have merited more than 60,000 followers over the course of a single giveaway. 

“The results our clients see in terms of follower growth is guaranteed from the outset so they’re absolutely clear what to expect from this aspect of our service,” says Social Reign’s Commercial Director, Daniel Le-Cheminant. “The surprise comes when they see their engagement rates exceed their expectations in the post giveaway period which transfers into increased web traffic and subsequent sales.” 

Though they are based in the U.K., most recently, Social Reign is excited to launch their services in the United Arab Emirates this month and later in the United States come summer. As social media continues to prove its power and influence all over the globe, Social Reign looks forward to augmenting the success of their clients both domestically and internationally. 

For more information on Social Reign and their services, visit their website.

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