Meet Pandez, the Consultant Behind Some of the Biggest NFTs Out There

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NFTs are one of the hottest industries in tech right now, with more investors getting involved every day. The problem is that with this growth, security has become a major concern. While many projects have attempted to beef up their security and implement measures such as KYC (know your customer) before allowing participation, it’s clear there are still gaps in fraud prevention. The NFT space has experienced various security issues in the past, from scammers posing as famous personalities on social platforms to phishing attacks on blockchain networks. As the industry explodes, these malicious actors are targeting the NFT market with great enthusiasm, causing the collapse of genuine projects. Pandez, an NFT expert with in-depth knowledge of the industry, has been working to change that.

With a background in crypto trading, security, and blockchain tech, Pandez has seen it all when it comes to NFT schemes and scams. Pandez is a security consultant and advisor for some of the biggest and hottest NFT projects in the industry today. He is also the creator of multiple tools used by tens of thousands of users.

One of these tools is referred to as Pandez Eye. Pandez Eye is a security bot for Discord servers that protects groups from threats like fake bots and impersonators. It also includes an advanced filter list, allowing the community to ban any members that violate their standards. With this incredible ability, Pandez Eye allows Discord communities to remove anyone with negative intentions.

Another one of Pandez’s bots that can be valuable for communities is Panzec. This tool battles against misinformation in several ways, such as webhook detection, mitigation, attack response, alters, and logging. This allows organizations to prevent fake campaigns and minting announcements.

Pandez’s tools and expertise have helped many big projects and community leaders combat scams, fraud, bot attacks, and other issues that can negatively impact an NFT project. Some of these attacks have targeted projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club. Moreover, he has saved many compromised Discord servers and potentially saved various projects millions of dollars in damages.

During one of the worst attacks last month, one of the project leaders Pandez worked with had this to say: “Last night was a mess for many projects, to say the least. We were safe and sound with @pandez_ and his legendary tools. Even if someone tried to get into our server, we could literally sit back, kick our feet up, and watch the Pandez bot take care of him.” That’s just one in a long list of recommendations Pandez has received from his collaborators, like Doodles, World of Women, Psychedelics Anonymous, MekaVerse, Karafuru, Mindblowon Universe, Llamaverse, and more.

Every single one of these projects has a thriving community and, as such, is a target for scams. Early this month, the World of Women project worked successfully with Pandez to protect its community. They reported, “Thrilled to share that our Discord was audited by @pandez_ pre-WoW Galaxy launch. Thank you, Pandez and team, for all your work in making Web3 safer for our community!” The World of Women project is a thriving community celebrating representation, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for all. Their vision is to build an inclusive Web3 through its collection and community.

In another bot attack, Pandez’s tool, the Pandez eye, came through for the @AlphaSharksNFT project. One core member praised it for saving their project. “Shoutout to @pandez_. We’re using his security software, and it saved @AlphaSharksNFT. I would highly recommend @pandez_. It completely prevented them from doing anything, and they just left the server after.”

As the NFT space continues to grow, Pandez is doing his part to ensure community members are safe from impersonators, fake bots, and fake minting announcements. With members safe, the project founders can concentrate on growing their projects and making money. From the glowing recommendations, it appears many projects can benefit from Pandez’s skills and tools.

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