Meet Noah Young: The Chicken Tender from TikTok

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Noah Young is a successful farmer and renowned agricultural advocate. He is a father of 3, farmer at the Shiloh Farm and the CEO of Good Livin’ Company, a top-agricultural brand that promotes products that enhance a healthy lifestyle. However, Noah is also known as an agriculture influencer and the co-host of the “Farming for Dummies” podcast.

With over a million followers between Instagram and TikTok, Noah continues to share intriguing farm content that has caught social media by storm. Dubbed the “hilarious farmer,” Noah combines education, pop culture references, and entertainment in short videos to educate his audience. His objective has been to educate others on the importance of agriculture in a way that makes them laugh and allows them to forget they’re even learning something new.

“My hope is that by the end of each video, my audience has gained a bit of knowledge they never knew they even needed. I love the term edutainment because that perfectly sums up my style,” explains Noah.

Noah stands out as one of the few farm content creators who has seemingly cracked the code on social media combining his fun content with knowledge of algorithms to create viral videos that are receiving well over a million views.

If you’re thinking of being the next big farmer, Noah has some words of wisdom for you. He often loves to share not just his technical knowledge but also his experience in the agricultural sector. According to Noah, farming can be pretty daunting, but the good news is that anyone can easily thrive with passion and hard work.

Like any other career, Noah advises investing time and other resources into learning the basics and foundations of becoming a great farmer. Some of the lessons you need to learn include how to gain experience by working on a farm, how to build off small successes to scale up and choosing which enterprise is right for you. Noah also shares practical information like how to sprout seeds, animal husbandry tips, and using cover crops to improve soil health.

But more importantly, Noah emphasizes the need for becoming profitable while building a meaningful life. Farming is often looked on as a boring career, but it can be one of the most gratifying and enjoyable professions when you set out to build something for the next generation. With this knowledge, you can now easily transition to general agriculture facts and education. You can also indulge in understanding and sharing information about food labels like non-GMO, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free.

In the future, Noah aspires to own one of the biggest demonstration farms to teach and provide others with real-time agriculture experiences close-up. The dream is to have an all-agricultural ranch where he will be raising bison, collecting eggs, and harvesting vegetables, including other forms of farming.

“I want to offer a hands-on farm-to-table experience with the opportunity to get involved in a meaningful way. I also want to continue growing organically raised produce for our community in produce boxes and sell to local restaurants,” Noah explains.

Ultimately, Noah is looking to package this content and share it on social media as he continues to expand his reach. To him, the goal is to inspire others to start a homestead, garden, or farm of their own.

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