Meet NFL agent Matthew Leist, one of the brains behind the cultivation of a world-renowned sports and entertainment agency.

At the forefront of the sports industry stands the prestigious agency named LAA Sports & Entertainment (Loyalty Above All).

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NFL Agent Matthew Leist (second from right), pictured with Minnesota Vikings running-back Dalvin Cook (middle), Buffalo Bills running-back James Cook (left), LAA CEO Zac Hiller (second from left), and LAA Director of Marketing Eric Dounn (right), as they gathered for the 2022 NFL Draft.

Isn’t it wondrous to know and learn about all those brands and businesses that cross boundaries in catering to their target demographic and create success that adds to the glory of their respective industries? Well, the world may have been a witness to many such excellent platforms and businesses, but there are always a few rare gems that stand tall and unique from the rest for reasons more than one. Often what leads them to exponential success is not just the advent of technology but, most notably, the relentless drive and passion of the team behind them. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such incredible agency named LAA Sports and Entertainment (Loyalty Above All), which has been taking over the sports and the entertainment world in unimaginable ways.

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Syracuse Grad Matt Leist (right), pictured with brother Dylan Leist (left) outside of the locker room commemorating their family name

Matthew Leist would initially serve as the Director of Client Relations for LAA but has since become a full-time NFL agent. Partnering with his long-time friend Zac Hiller, who is the Founder and CEO of LAA, they have brought tremendous success to the firm, turning the heads of many people in the industry, worldwide. During his tenure as an agent, Matthew Leist has earned the opportunity to represent Buffalo Bills’ James Cook, Chicago Bears’ Sam Kamara, and Miami Dolphins’ Zaquandre White, adding to LAA’s already established client base including superstar running-backs Dalvin Cook, and J.K. Dobbins. Together, these two personalities have developed a robust roster of nearly 40 college football players for NIL representation along with 10 NFL players.

LAA has emerged as a full-service agency, where all their clients really need to do is play football, and the rest is taken care of by Leist and the team at LAA. Loyalty Above All is the premier boutique sports and entertainment agency that is known for building and cultivating client strategies across sports and entertainment for a decade strong.

In the sports niche, Leist and LAA represent premier talent from the past, present, and future, advocating and supporting their clientele through all of their endeavours. In the entertainment niche, LAA represents some of the most promising young talents in the industry, including personality Bob Menery and artist Ray Emmanuel. LAA guides them every step of the way, as they chase the path to greatness.

The New York, Florida and Los Angeles-based agency is much beyond being an average talent management agency and runs more like a family-owned business that helps all its clients get the best deals and opportunities there are for helping them monetize their likeness, ultimately helping them create a passive income stream.

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