Meet Model, Influencer, and Content Creator Hailey Grice

From Hollywood to Wall Street and the fashion industry, there is no shortage of brands lining up to work with models, influencers, and content creators. With more consumers embracing social media every day, forward-thinking brands understand that this is the way to go if they want to reach the right audience and grow their businesses. For creators, this presents limitless opportunities. Although the modeling and influencer space is highly competitive and fast-paced, there is always room for bold and tenacious people to succeed, as Hailey Grice proves.

From her humble beginnings as an aspiring model in North Carolina to her journey to be a successful influencer and content creator, Hailey has no qualms about sharing her story. On the contrary, she believes it can encourage others who aspire to be where she is today. So, how did she do it? And how does she remain relevant in the face of all the changes in the industry?

Hailey started dreaming of being a working model at an early age. However, she did not know where to begin or turn her passion into a profitable career. About 6 years ago, she posted a photo of herself in her swimsuit on her Instagram page and everything changed. Unknown to her, someone picked that photo and posted it on adult websites without permission. Hailey was upset, but she also saw an opportunity to take back her power and create her dream life.

Since then, Hailey has built a name for herself as a model, influencer, and content creator in the lingerie and swimsuit space. So far, she has worked with brands, such as Lounge Underwear, High-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Pretty Little Thing, and Beauty Advisor, to name a few. Moreover, as a content creator, she gets to wake up every morning, do what she loves and share her work with others. Her greatest accomplishments are the ability to live life and build a career on her own terms. Hailey credits that to several things.

Prudent decision-making is the major contributor to success as a model and influencer. Though new opportunities show up every day, Hailey points out that not all of them are right. She has had to learn how to sift through opportunities that come her way and pick the best for her work and brand. To others still going through the learning curve, she advises deciding the direction you want to take your career early. That will help you choose the best opportunities when they present themselves.

Originality is the other thing Hailey swears by. While people’s opinions can help you improve, Hailey says others should not determine what you do or how you do it. As an influencer, she has learned to take people’s opinions with a grain of salt and figure out what works best for her. That has helped her create unique work.

Hailey has not stopped dreaming, and that’s another factor in her success. She continues to work hard and explore new opportunities in the industry. Her dream is to diversify and create a variety of brands using her social platforms.

LA Weekly