Meet Mandy Lemond, A Survivor, Warrior, and an Empowered Woman

Imagine being labeled weak, emotional, incompetent, dependent, bitchy, bossy, slutty. Just thinking about this is frustrating, agonizing, and complete torture. This is what every woman has to hear almost every day. Many men would lash out and ultimately lose their minds if they endured even half of what women go through to make it past the day.

It is, indeed, a sad reality.

Associating women with such labels is not something new. It is not an outcome of ‘modernization’ but a centuries-old practice. Regardless of race, religion, cast, or color, women have to live with such labels and are helpless against the world that always looks down on them. Treated merely as ‘objects of trade,’ women have always struggled to acquire a stable and equal ground as their male counterparts. Even though things are way better than they were a decade ago, they are still not enough.

Women do not deserve better; they deserve equality.

They have their perspective, views, and ideas and must be respected for them.

Thankfully, there are a few women across the world who are striving to change the ‘worn-out’ mindsets of people. Some, such as Maggie Lindeman, speak up through their songs.

“I’m more than just a picture
I’m a daughter and a sister

Sometimes it’s hard for me to show

That I’m more than just a rumor
Or a song on your computer

There’s more to me than people know.”

Then there are powerful women like Mandy Lemond who build themselves from nothing and set an example for the world. Living a life, convincing everyone that ‘women are fierce and can achieve anything they set their minds to.’ Women are powerful beings; they are strong, resilient, gentle, and determined. Anyone who does not accept this will begin believing once they hear the story of Mandy Lemond, Emmy award-winning producer and host of Foster-ed, the Podcast. Most people know her as a life coach and motivational speaker who lives by a mantra, ‘Turn Your Mess into a Message.’

Unfortunately, not many know the hardships, adversities, challenges, the number of sleepless nights, negative thoughts, and uncertainty that Mandy went through to reach this mantra. Her life is a story of immense grief but is filled with inspiration and invaluable life lessons for women across the globe.

Growing up in a house where a mother sells her ‘body’ to make ends meet, and a father beats his daughters, deprives them of food, and keeps them in the worst condition, Mandy has gone through the extremities in her childhood. Watching her mother get stabbed, or more like ‘gutted like a pig,’ by her father and then being raped by him pushed the eight-year-old Mandy into a trauma. Who would have survived that?


From watching her mother being murdered to being raped, it did not end for Mandy at this. She was thrown into the foster system, which turned her life into a living hell. Being forced to eat her vomit and being treated like an animal, and sometimes even worse, there was no hope left for the little girl.

Who knew Mandy would survive this as well and turn her life around?

She stepped out of foster care, completed her education, and landed an amazing job in journalism. Mandy even married a notable TV anchor and had three children, two of which were foster kids. She had a beautiful life. Unfortunately, her 17-year-long marriage ended when she found herself in another dark pit in her life. At this moment, she found herself standing on a bridge, ready to end her life.

But who was coming to save her? No one.

This is where she decided to turn her mess into a message. Countless other women were going through hell in this world, and Mandy could not just end her life and let all those end with the same fate.

That day, Mandy stepped away from the bridge, took a few deep breaths, and moved forward to live for all those struggling. Today, Mandy is a renowned producer and a motivational speaker, inspiring hundreds and thousands of women to take control of their lives. She is breaking stereotypes by stepping into the world of ‘OnlyFans,’ despite being a successful professional. Mandy is a strong and independent woman, and by joining this platform, she is convincing the world that an empowered woman is in complete control and wise enough to make her own choices. This attitude of hers is pretty visible in the content she uploads on her OnlyFans account, which her followers love and admire. Her confident personality and strong-headedness attract many to her account, which is helping change the mindsets of people all across the globe.

She knows the power her life holds and how it can improve other women’s lives, which is why she has decided to turn it into a book, still in the writing phase.

Mandy Lemond is not just a survivor but a warrior and an epitome of an empowered woman.

Thanks to women like Mandy, the world is close to realizing that women are strong, powerful, determined, and headstrong.

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