Meet Laika, the New Crypto Coin Paving the Way for Safer Trading with Community Power

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We have all heard about Laika, the Soviet mongrel who was the first animal to orbit the earth. Laika’s journey to space might have ended unexpectedly with her death, but she remains an inspiration of courage and exploration. Laika has now been reincarnated as a crypto coin, $Laika, that aims to reach higher in this space and is better equipped for all future challenges. It is a community-run cryptocurrency project recently launched on the Ethereum blockchain with a mission to call out scammers and schemers in this space to promote safer trading.

The concept of $Laika was born from an enlightening Medium article that highlighted the advanced procedures of scams and FUDs in the crypto space. Although the author remains unidentified, the concept has found its shape in the form of $Laika, a community-driven project that is more focused on the coin, not the founder. As a true example of decentralization and secure trading, $Laika has maintained complete transparency in dealing with no hidden or unexplained taxes and no deployer wallet asking for investment in some shady scheme. $Laika doesn’t have any crypto guru to mislead investors into scams.

On the first day of its launch, $Laika reached 20 million in volume. MEXC bought and listed the currency on its first day and even conducted a trading competition that ended successfully. Currently, $Laika is also available on CMC (CoinMarketCap) and CG (Coin Gecko). It has organically been trending on DEXtools and Reddit, proving the power of an authentic community-based project. Currently, Laika has over 1.6K holders and nearly 2K Telegram members. The official Laika Discord community is active on major social media platforms like TikTok, Reddit, and YouTube and will soon be present on Instagram and Facebook.

As a community-driven, community-empowered project, Laika is on a mission to end the dominance of scammers and schemers in the crypto space. The Laika community, known as the #LaikaArmy, is made of previously misled investors who have joined the project with a goal they all believe in. Scammers often take advantage of crypto seasons and market hypes such as meme coin season, launchpad season, metaverse season, NFT season, and rebase season. To accomplish their mission, hardworking members of the Laika Army conduct multiple coordinated raids daily on Twitter and Telegram. This mission has organically earned the coin the limelight in the market and on social media, with many crypto YouTubers talking about the prospects of Laika in their videos.

Laika believes in the power of decentralization and a mutually supportive community. The project had earlier been ruined by scammers who pushed it to the verge of closing down, but the community battled hard to survive. As a result, $Laika is now more equipped to fight against FUD, bots, scams, and spams. The goal of the community is to protect retail investors from falling into scams or schemes and make well-informed decisions. The community wants investors to know that worshiping the founder of a crypto project will not lead to profitable trading—it is more about the coin or the project than the founder.

The Laika Army will continue to shed light on scams and spams that are doing the rounds in the crypto market to boost secured trading. With this community power, Laika aims to reach a billion in market capital as a token. The project, named after the space dog Laika, wants to be recognized by Elon Musk with a position on his SpaceX in memory for her contributions to space science.

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