Meet Kode Abdo, creating an art universe of his own with his mesmerizing digital art.

The Australian digital artist even worked with Marvel’s star directors and many other A-listers of the entertainment world.
It is wondrous to know and learn about all those people whose work speaks for themselves. Across different industries of the world, tons of talented beings are born each day; however, only a handful of them go ahead in making their unique niche as true-blue professionals and artists of their respective industries. We bring to you the story of one such passionate being, who dived deep into the world of digital art and now has created a universe of his own through his excellence in the same; he is Kode Abdo, the rising name that has made quite a buzz through his digital art and spellbound people from Hollywood and many other A-listers of the entertainment world.
The Australian digital artist born on August 6, 1984, is popularly known as Bosslogic and has astounded the world with his incredible works of art, especially in the entertainment industry. People are going gaga over his works, which he often posts on his social media, which is also why he has gained a mammoth of followers on his socials (@bosslogic). Kode Ando has grown as a self-taught artist and started his journey in drawing at the age of 6. Today, he has immersed himself in the digital realm, using digital tools and graphics to create art for the entertainment world, including video games, comics, and movies, and even for all the current trends on the internet. Kode Abdo received more momentum and garnered more headlines when he collaborated with Marvel for a Limited Edition Avengers: Endgame poster, and also DC Comics on the upcoming movie Black Adam, an adventure/fantasy movie starting Dwayne Johnson, set to release this year, for which Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson contacted him personally, sending him a DM to work for the project.
His recent work includes The Batman. He started with making superhero-inspired mashups using Adobe Photoshop and is now the brain behind the official posters for some of the biggest films, including Avengers: End Game and Aladdin. His incredible art was also discussed on The Tonight Show in an interview between Jake Gyllenhaal and Jimmy Fallon. Gyllenhaal had reached him directly to create a poster for his new Broadway play named Sea Wall/A Life.
Each of his designs has a story to tell, which has helped him to stay relevant and unique from others in the industry. He takes a casting rumour or an announcement about a superhero film and then uses Photoshop to bring that rumour to life, which often attracts much media attention.
For years, Kode Abdo has been working in the digital space and has even built his brand and studio called Lineage Studios, based in New York, the US. Today, he is followed by various celebrities and trusted by ace directors for his impeccable digital art.
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