Meet Kaushal Saraf: From Engineering to Problem-Solving, His Inspiring Journey

The world is becoming increasingly dependent on technology, and the need for skilled engineers has never been greater. Industries such as healthcare, finance, and retail all rely on technology to run smoothly, and engineers are the backbone that keeps everything running. One engineer who is making a significant impact in his field is Kaushal Saraf, the lead engineer at Atomus.

Saraf, who earned a master’s degree in computer science, has long considered himself a problem-solver. In junior high, he first demonstrated this aptitude when he designed a simple desktop application for a local pharmacy that simplified and expedited the store’s billing process. A few years later, he and some friends at his undergraduate college invented a popular mobile app called EventBuzz. The app was designed to list hundreds of student club activities in one place, and it was a hit, registering over 5k students across 28 colleges in the nation.

After his studies, Saraf continued working with small businesses, applying his skills and experience to help small business owners’ lives easier and simpler. Saraf’s wide-ranging experience comes from projects, hackathons, internships, and projects deployed in the real world. From scales of a business doing $500k a month to a firm like Goldman Sachs and WeWork, Saraf has advanced tech and research, leaving an indelible mark in every organization he’s worked with.

Saraf’s passion for problem-solving and engineering is evident in his work at Atomus, which specializes in developing innovative solutions for businesses. While working on a project at Atomus, Saraf and his team encountered a technical limitation with an existing infrastructure technology. They tried to push beyond this; however, it was a challenge of long-written code, which was still an industry standard. This was a challenging moment for the team as they realized their platform would not be able to achieve its technical/experience potential due to this limitation, and there was nothing they could do about it.

But Saraf refused to give up. He and his team continued relentlessly, consulted engineers involved in the space, and read research material to get ahead of this challenge. Finally, they re-architected the basic principles to push the limitations and bring their platform into reality. This experience was a learning curve for Saraf and the team, as it emphasized the place of passion and resilience.

Saraf’s background in small businesses gives him a unique perspective on the needs of the industry. He has seen first-hand what it takes to run a small business and understands the fast-paced landscape of cyber threats that small businesses face.

“Many small businesses are short of valid means of protecting themselves and businesses from cyber threats,” Saraf says. “This problem cannot be solved unless cyber security is brought to bear, as it greatly affects small business owners.” Saraf’s work at Atomus is not only making a big impact on small businesses, but it’s also making a significant impact on engineering.

As the cyber security space evolves, Saraf hopes to build a platform that seamlessly allows businesses to run their security programs with peace of mind while combining affordability. He aspires to engineer products and platforms to create impact and not let technology be a limitation in solving real-world problems.

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