Meet Julius Wallblom & Robin Csete – The Founders of Nineteen Media Group: An Incubator for Emerging Artists.

Julius Wallblom & Robin Csete are two entrepreneurs from Sweden who recently joined forces on a brand new endeavour named Nineteen Media Group. The company was created in 2022 to help companies, artists and entertainers develop and polish their brands and how they’re perceived online. What makes Nineteen Media Group special is that the company takes a modern approach to what has already been proven to work. They realized early on that artists shouldn’t have to rely on Record Labels to get a foot into the music industry and that they can help artists appeal more to the Record Labels. Why? Because a great brand is so much easier to sell.

If you have released any music in the last ten years, you probably know that the Internet is the best way for you to expose your work to new listeners. Moreover, recent global events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the inability to play shows regularly, also mean that artists have been focusing a lot more on their brand & perception online. There are ample avenues for musicians to execute these mediums. Still, without support and assistance from someone who understands what they’re doing, they’re left asking the wrong people the wrong questions.

Nineteen Media Group works with a unique network of writers, media & talent agencies. The company specializes in curating and introducing stories and brands to digital platforms with large audiences. By associating an artists’ brand with an extensive network, they are presented with a fantastic opportunity to connect with more people and the opportunity to share their stories with large networks to help establish digital authenticity.

Today, great music is only part of what makes an artist successful. The right image and unique background are also important in most cases, as they can help an audience familiarize with a performer. This is one of the reasons why music videos are still so popular, and so many musicians are becoming successful on visual media such as Instagram or TikTok. In other words, showing who you are can be a gateway for people into your musical world. Nineteen Media Group can help you manage your overall brand perception and social credibility.

Often, artists are so taken with the process of making their music and creating their art that they might not have the best understanding of how to share their work where it matters. An outsider’s perspective could be essential, and this is one of the main benefits of working with a company like Nineteen Media Group. Think of it as your fifth Beatle, the secret weapon that can tell you insights about yourself that you may fail to understand simply because you’re so close to the overall vision to see the complete picture. It’s almost like when you work too many hours on a song, and you don’t understand whether it’s good or not. Sometimes you need a break, and you need the opinion of a friend or someone you trust to tell you what they think. The feedback might surprise you and lead you on the right path.

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