Meet Hall Private Wealth Advisors – Showing How Transparency May Offer Investors Peace of Mind During Turbulent Times

Planning for market volatility is a necessary part of any multi-year investment strategy.  The value of this planning becomes apparent when factors like high inflation, rising interest rates, and slowing growth sap investor confidence in the markets. Transparent and research-driven investing are ideal countermeasures to maintain and restore confidence during turbulent times.

Hall Private Wealth Advisors (HPWA), based in San Diego, California, is a boutique wealth management and financial planning firm that offers comprehensive investment advisory services. “We pride ourselves on delivering a simplified experience with full transparency. As such, we’ve designed our client reports to help better understand the priority metrics we feel clients should be paying close attention to,” says HPWA Managing Director Russell Hall.

Hall says the wealth management industry has historically failed investors by not being open and fair. For example, he says, “Most major banks and brokerages, and many RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors) may not accurately disclose the risks that they are taking with investors’ money, nor specify any potential conflicts of interests from their advice.”
Screenshot 2022 10 28 at 11.02.19 AM“There is seemingly not enough oversight or enforcement at big banks, who in my opinion are ‘distribution centers’ for mutual funds and other high-fee products that don’t necessarily benefit investors,” says Hall. “Clients may be not properly informed of the various layers of fees they are paying and the risks of how their money is invested, and yet they trust that their potentially conflicted advisor is doing what’s in their clients’ best interest.”

HPWA believes it separates itself from competitors by prioritizing integrity and fairness in their dealings with clients. This independent approach and its first-class level of service helps explain the rapidly growing client list at HPWA, which provides oversight for approximately three hundred million dollars of client assets.

“As fiduciaries, we eliminate two basic conflicts of interest,” says Hall. “We aren’t paid to transact, and we aren’t incentivized to solicit one product over another.”

Hall adds, “Our clients understand that we attempt to cut out the ‘middleman’ wherever possible, helping to reduce fees and improving the chance of better performance. Investors deserve to know what conflicts of interest exist with some of the most popular ETF providers, funds and other products being marketed both via big banks as well as through other Registered Investment Advisors.”

Part of HPWA’s effort to educate investors includes offering simplistic portfolio reports that highlight the relevant metrics HPWA feels clients SHOULD be paying attention to. It’s a rare contrast from reports provided by major institutions that deliver lengthy and hard to read statements couched in generalities and disclaimers.

Although markets will always fluctuate, one of the key pieces of advice that Hall and his expert team offers remains constant: never rely on advisors who have a financial benefit in selling high-fee products.

If you feel your portfolio could benefit from a second opinion, HPWA invites prospective investors to reach out at for a confidential and no-obligation review.

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