Meet Duc Trinh, changing the game of fintech for the better with his incredible ventures.

He serves as the CEO of “Fight of the Ages” (FOTA), an AAA metaverse gaming project.

The kind of success and the level of momentum a few industries over the years have attained is undoubtedly a sight to behold. This has become possible due to many reasons and factors, out which it is essential to note how a few passionate and astute minds worked their way to the top to do something new and different in their respective industries. It is fantastic to know about such individuals and professionals who have been relentless in their visions and goals to do the “different” in their respective industries worldwide. After the world noticed the surge of the fintech industry, many even started placing their bets on various promising projects and clubs in the industry to strengthen their careers in the finance and the tech space, which also saw the rise of many gaming projects. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such incredible gaming project called Fight of the Ages (FOTA), run by an astonishing tech entrepreneur named Duc Trinh (Grey).

Duc Trinh has emerged as one of the finest talents today in the entrepreneurial world, especially in the tech space, where his ideas have powered projects and led them to exponential levels of success, just like it has prompted FOTA too much prominence in the industry. Duc Trinh also serves as the co-founder and CEO of his company Meta Djinn and is a strategic investor at Hobbit Investment, which is known for empowering innovation in the fintech world. However, what has led the entrepreneur to get to the next level of success is his ideas for FOTA, which has enthralled all the gaming professionals and enthusiasts in the gaming sector.

Explaining more about the Fight of the Ages, his metaverse project, he says that $FOTA has grown as an AAA metaverse gaming project under the hybrid of ‘multiplayer online battle arena – role-playing game’ (MOBA-RPG). It has garnered more recognition over time because FOTA has been integrated with Microsoft Mesh (MR) technology. Its Beta is coming soon and will be available on iOs, Android, WebGL, Win/Mack. He is looking forward to his metaverse project, where he is excited about users for a new era in the metaverse, where the real meets the virtual. It is a 3D game, offering players to role-play and make characters theirs exclusively.

Microsoft Mesh enables presence and shared experiences from anywhere, on any device; mixed reality applications exist. Recently, he also shared a new post on his Twitter, where he is seen doing the new testing video using the MR technology of Hololens glasses.

With Fight of the Ages, he has dived deep into the universe of metaverse with the much-talked-about gaming project. Through FOTA, he is driven to offer people a new era of the metaverse by delivering the best 3D-game experience and making sure to empower its players to role-play and make their characters exclusively their own in the fantasy world created by the team of FOTA. Furthermore, its integration with Microsoft Mesh has made real-time interaction possible for the players, powered by Microsoft’s mixed reality.

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