Meet Daniel Everist: Marketing and Tech Mastermind Behind Sprouter

How we market our products and services has changed drastically in the last decade. Gone are the days of throwing an ad out there and expecting people to come running. With so many options available, marketing today requires extra effort and commitment that goes beyond just advertising or distributing flyers in public places. In the digital age, companies that understand their target audience know that providing them with a customized experience will help them solve their problems. That’s why Daniel Everist created Sprouter, an end-to-end solution for businesses that want to optimize their online presence and give their customers an excellent user experience.

At Sprouter, the mission is to help clients develop a great marketing strategy that takes into account what customers want and fulfills those desires. The company’s motto is “more social, less media”, and that’s exactly what the team helps its clients do. Every day, the team helps companies stay ahead of the curve and stand out from the rest in innovative ways. Daniel and the Sprouter team do that by helping customers leave a digital footprint, managing social media campaigns, and growing their online following. The goal is to help these brands establish their authority and stand out as credible businesses in their industries organically. Daniel and his team have already gained multiple customers who have benefited greatly from Sprouter’s services.

When he first began, Daniel didn’t know he’d scale as fast as he did. He initially launched Sprouter as a dorm room app idea for college kids to connect with each other in September 2017. However, as the idea took off, he discovered he could expand it and use it to solve customer needs in the digital marketing space. In his sophomore year, he dropped out of college to further pursue the idea and expanded his scope of operations without external assistance. Daniel grew his app from the ground up and transformed it into a one-stop-shop marketing and branding company serving businesses of all sizes. Then, Covid-19 happened, and things changed in the business world.

Many businesses closed down during this challenging period. With the world at a complete standstill, the business landscape went through rapid changes that many entrepreneurs weren’t equipped to handle. Daniel was one of the few who prevailed and actually did better than before because they pivoted and figured out new ways of doing things. While others were laying off their staff, Daniel was busy leveraging the increased demand for QR codes in the hospitality industry. That’s when he launched Sprouter Studios, a full-stack development, content creation, and printing division. This branch of Daniel’s company helped businesses continue to grow, gain sales, and created more job opportunities for his employees.

This year, Daniel has closed two rounds of seed funding. The small business he incubated as a young college dropout has now become a force to reckon with in the digital marketing space and positively impacted countless lives. Today, Daniel is a far cry from the young boy whose friends laughed at him when he shared his vision of being a business owner. His success is a reminder to continue moving even when things are not going as you want and to work hard because nothing is impossible.

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