Meet Curtis Gervais: The Canadian Entrepreneur Leading the Digital Future

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Cyber security has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes. Organizations usually have sensitive or valuable data in their network or system that needs to be protected from theft or damage. With the rising number of malicious hackers and cyber frauds, cyber security infrastructure has become imperative for all organizations to grow. Curtis Gervais, a cyber expert, and entrepreneur, has stepped into this space to help companies keep their data safe.

Curtis Gervais is a computer prodigy with numerous cyber security bug bounties under his belt. He is also a sought-after public speaker at conferences on cyber security and bare-metal infrastructure. Gervais’ knowledge is unparalleled when it comes to cyber security and bare-metal ranging from highly available dedicated servers to automating entire pipelines with DevOps.

Based in Canada, Curtis Gervais started his journey into entrepreneurship with several tech start-ups. Under his passionate guidance and with profound insight into the cyber world, Gervais bootstrapped several start-ups from zero to million-dollar brands. He possesses incredible insight into the hosting, bare-metal infrastructure, and virtual server market. He leverages this knowledge not only to expand his own business empire but also to boost the growth of several business ventures worldwide.

So far, Curtis Gervais has accomplished several milestones in his career. Many start-ups he founded at $0 have grown into big brands generating six figures in revenue. Gervais has received five figures in bug bounties from major companies around the world like AT&T. Besides being a notable speaker at cyber security conferences, Gervais also serves as an executive of Packet Rabbit, driving the way forward to astronomically successful growth.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Gervais did not limit his earnings only to business. He reinvested his profit as a private investor into start-ups and stock markets. Gervais believes that technology has a promising future, and there will be endless opportunities for tech start-ups to grow. His idea of technology is not limited to the benefits that businesses drive from it. Gervais knows that technology will benefit society as a whole.

Gervais had a humble start in his career out of his sheer love for computers and technology. He feels that life gives equal opportunity to everyone, and it is up to them to grab those opportunities and grow. Gervais learned the value of hard work and dedication much earlier in life. Now, he attributes his success to his diligence and dedication to work. He believes that hard work is an underrated skill as the world wants to achieve success through shortcuts, which  is bound to fail. It is hard work that keeps technology and businesses growing.

Gervais has become a reputed name in the cyber security space in Canada. However, he still feels that this is the beginning of his career, and he has miles to go and more to contribute to cyber security. He wants to continue hyperscaling bare-metal infrastructure to help companies secure their data from fraudsters. Gervais is looking forward to utilizing his knowledge, experience, and skill to help more companies reach their maximum potential with highly-secured networks and systems.

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