Meet Augie Schmidt, the 28-Year-Old Realtor Helping Others Find Success

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The global real estate sector remains one of the most dynamic and vibrant industries. It’s an ever-innovative industry with new trends and market changes. As a result, the industry provides lots of opportunities for any ambitious realtor. You can easily start from the bottom and build your way up to success through hard work, determination, and the right strategies.

However, it can also be challenging to create a thriving career in the sector for newbies. This calls for the need first to learn and understand the industry’s dynamics and how it operates at large. Augie Schmidt, one of the top real estate agents, believes that the best way to build a solid foundation in the industry is by learning from a mentor or attending a dedicated real estate academy.

Augie is a 28-year-old nationally recognized commercial real estate entrepreneur. He is the founder and owner of CRE Academy, a dedicated firm that educates and curates success in commercial real estate. Augie founded the start-up e-learning company after seeing massive success in the brokerage industry and the need to educate more people about opportunities in the industry. He reaches out to and educates other realtors through information, application, and training.

Augie is currently focusing heavily on training individual agents and entrepreneurs to find their success. The goal for Augie and CRE Academy is to expand into training brokerage offices as a whole and then move into commercial real estate investment training.

“One thing that makes me and CRE Academy unique is that I am active in the industry, and I know exactly what it takes to go from zero to $1 million in this market today. Most of my competition in this industry has been coaching/training for more than 10+ years and not actually transacted a deal in more than a decade,” Augie explains.

Like most young realtors, Augie started learning and understanding the industry on his own. This translated into an incredibly tough path with numerous challenges, some of that nearly made him give up. Fortunately, he started making a small income, and since then, he has never looked back. He says his success is from the grace of God, the many hours of hard work he’s put into his career and perseverance.

To provide further coaching and hands-on support, Augie built The CRE Collective, a high performance community for CRE professionals, which feature exclusive content, mainly focusing on sales, efficiency, and prospecting.

Today, Augie takes pride in being a 7-figure commercial real estate entrepreneur mentoring top-producing commercial real estate agents. The objective is to educate and inform other real estate entrepreneurs so they can expand their own portfolios and succeed in the market.

Additionally, Augie has established a large following on social media, where he instructs thousands of his followers on various platforms with his best real estate advice. He believes that the real estate sector has enormous potential and provides room for every motivated realtor to succeed. However, you must first become familiar with the inner workings of the industry and create a brand that will set you apart from the competition.

Moving forward, Augie wants to rapidly grow CRE Academy from curating success for agents to brokerage offices and then into investments. He sees much of his capital from the business being deployed into commercial real estate investments and development. More than anything, Augie also wants to have a massive impact on other people’s lives.

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