Meet Assaf Ben Shimol, founder and CEO of Sweet Lyfe

The rise of cannabis products in the market has been a significant development in recent years. As more and more states legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes, the demand for cannabis products has increased dramatically. This has led to the growth of a vibrant industry that is focused on producing a wide range of cannabis-based products, including flowers, edibles, and oils.

Among the main reasons for the rise of cannabis products in the market is the increasing acceptance of marijuana as a legitimate medicine. Many people now use cannabis products to manage various medical conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, and epilepsy. This has led to an increase in the number of medical marijuana dispensaries and other cannabis-related businesses.

One such cannabis-related business that comes to mind is Sweet Lyfe. The company was founded by CEO Assaf Ben Shimol and follows a mission of providing high-quality, consistent cannabis products at a reasonable cost.

When asked what made Assaf pursue the cannabis industry, he explained that he served as an Israeli soldier and found himself in many dangerous scenarios. During his time, he and the other soldiers were put through rigorous training and endured many traumatic events.

After leaving the military, Assaf turned to cannabis to help transition back into the real world. It was at this point he decided he wanted to enter the cannabis industry.

“My genuine love for any kind of cannabis products, combined with the industry being so new and undeveloped, I knew that I needed to be in the field,” explained the Sweet Lyfe founder.

He continued, “My background as a manufacturer allowed me to learn from the mistakes of others and create a high-quality brand.”

In terms of products, Sweet Lyfe offers more than your average cannabis brand. Most items are available in a wide range of flavors and strains. For example, shoppers can find gummies, pre- rolled joints, disposable vapes, cartridges, and hemp flowers on their website.

Moreover, Sweet Lyfe products come in different strengths and are made with various hemp derived cannabis compounds. Some examples of these compounds include HHC-P, THC-P, and Delta 8.

Perhaps one of the traits that make Sweet Lyfe stand out among the crowd is that the company places quality over all else. With this, the brand uses premium testing from accredited third- party labs to conduct a full panel lab test on every raw material.

Yet, Sweet Lyfe takes it a step further as it conducts potency tests for every final product. This is vital because the industry is unregulated for the most part, so it’s crucial to pick a cannabis brand that puts safety and quality first.

Ultimately, Sweet Lyfe is one cannabis brand to watch!

Founder and CEO Assaf Ben Shimol has big plans for the future, which he recently shared, “My ultimate plan is to set up manufacturing and distribution plants in strategic locations around the world.”

He explained that by doing this, Sweet Lyfe would be posited as a global brand that is easily accessible by anyone who needs cannabis for their health and wellbeing.

Anyone who relies on cannabis products is urged to check out the Sweet Lyfe brand because it always offers quality that customers can trust.

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