Meet Antigravity SL: The First Tokenized Space Travel Agency

With companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic making it easier for people to buy a ticket into orbit, you would think that investing in the aerospace sector is at an all-time high. But if you look closely, there are few companies around these days that offer aerospace products because of the enormous investment required. As a result, there’s less opportunity for potential investors or people looking for something exciting to do with their money. Spain-based aerospace company Antigravity SL solves this problem with blockchain technology. As the first tokenized space travel agency, the company aims to offer an unprecedented experience by democratizing access to space exploration and making it accessible for all.

From considerable research conducted by the Antigravity SL team, the average citizen has a great interest in investing or simply being part of a project or space mission. For many, such an opportunity would be not only an investment but also an experience of a lifetime. Unfortunately, there are too many problems to contend with within the industry. The Antigravity SL team’s findings showed the lack of European companies that finance space projects and missions as a major challenge. There is also inadequate information about projects in the funding phase and how to take part, difficulty accessing projects, and lack of trust and confidence.

Blockchain technology allows the Antigravity SL team to solve most of these challenges. Antigravity SL platform allows users to access services such as aircraft purchases, project financing, participating in missions among others, by using cryptocurrencies. The user-friendly platform seeks to become a trustworthy source of information about space projects, offering its users different choices of projects to invest in. As pioneers in this new industry, Antigravity SL hopes to pave the way for other developers and change the face of the aerospace industry forever. The team is already doing that.

So far, Antigravity SL has achieved several milestones in its project roadmap. First, the company has already developed its own cryptocurrency called AGVTY, that’s being integrated into several wallets and exchanges worldwide. These tokens will be used as payment for trips or missions and can also be traded on different exchanges. As the project grows, token holders will also use them to purchase aerospace products in Antigravity SL’s online shop. By doing that, Antigravity SL will create a new paradigm where accessibility to space products becomes more effortless than ever before.

Securing strategic partnerships in the industry is another achievement the Antigravity SL team has made. The company is in the final stages of negotiations with global partners in the aerospace industry, which it will announce in the coming days. The team is also acquiring land to begin the production and manufacture of electric aircraft. These are just some of Antigravity SL’s ambitious plans to make aerospace projects more accessible to the average citizen.

Antigravity SL will soon launch even more products and missions. As a trendsetter bridging space innovations and blockchain tech, the company aims to bring space closer to people and the people closer to space. The team plans to continue working hard to position the company well within the sector, clearing the path for investors and explorers to satisfy their sense of adventure.

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