Meet Alisha Gory: The Unique Tattoo Artist in New York City 

Alisha Gory is a unique tattoo artist based out of New York City. She is a female Tattooer from Korea. At the age of 18, Alisha reached New York City to pursue her dream and carve a niche for herself in tattooing. 

Alisha graduated with a BFA degree at the School of the Art institute, Chicago. She always wanted to pursue a career in creativity. 

“I believe I didn’t choose tattooing but the latter chose me. I didn’t want to make a career in it, but when I got admitted to an art school run by a tattoo artist; my interest in the subject touched a new height. Thereafter, I dedicated everything to this profession. Now, my sole aim is to carve a niche for myself in this field and become a better artist,” Alisha Gory stated.  

Tattooing is a specialized and rare art. As an Asian female tattooer, it wasn’t easy for Alisha to get success. But she started doing her work diligently, and the world continued to follow her. She was featured on top of the cover of Inked magazine.

“I am fortunate to have so many tattoo artists as my friends. Many of my close friends are in this field and enjoying every moment of tattoo designing. They supported me wholeheartedly and helped me become what I am today. Right now, I am building an online portal in collaboration with one of the most prominent tattoo influencers in the world. I wish to make the process of becoming a tattoo artist effortless and easy for the up and coming artists or tattoo enthusiasts.” Alisha said.  

Alisha believed a proper plan is a must to achieve success in this field. You need to have the support of a few people who share the same vision as you. In reality, many people don’t easily get convinced about making a successful career in tattooing. That’s when you need to have the support of a group of like-minded people who share the same vision as yours.

Alisha’s Top 5 Tips to Accomplish Success

  • It’s useful to cry over the spilled milk. Such things are out of your control. You shouldn’t dwell over events or things that happened in the past.
  • Never ever let the perception of other people affect your self-esteem and talents. Many people who pass condescending remarks against your work or talents don’t even understand your art and skills.
  • It is important to choose the people who you wish to be around. Surround yourself with positive people who can lift your mood and skills. Always try to make friends with people who understand you better.
  • Before making any decision, it’s important that you should be diligent and sincere about it. Research everything before arriving at a conclusion. You shouldn’t take any decision in haste. Take enough time, give it a thought, analyze pros and cons, and then consider your decision.
  • Don’t treat any failure in life or career as the end. Every failed attempt is a life lesson. You can learn a lot every time you fail. The idea is to understand what went wrong and never to repeat those mistakes again.

In Conclusion

Alisha Gory is equally passionate about animal welfare too. She wants to roam around the third world nations and rescue vulnerable animals. Alisha wants to give them a good life.

She is also quite active on social media. Alisha regularly interacts with her fans and followers on Instagram. You can follow her @alishagory on Instagram. You should visit for more information.

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