To be an entrepreneur, a salepro, an enrollment director, and the host of The Growth Podcast all at the same time is no easy job. You can only succeed in so many different spheres if you can lead by example.

Aaron Civitarese went through some tough financial times on the tail end of a legendary run in South East Asia after losing it all overnight,  then dealing with the psychological burden that came with it. But none of this deterred him from continuing. On the contrary, he worked his way to new heights of success while remaining appreciative along the way.

Upon departing from Asia to new adventures in Italy with his wife, funds were at an all time low. So moving into a tiny, unheated apartment in Rome with no savings or income to start fresh online was the definition of betting on yourself. He decided the best way forward was to  focus on personal growth and nurture his maximum human potential, up-skiling, serving and providing value.

Aaron got involved in podcasting and started putting long and exhausting hours of work into his passion because he wanted to network and learn from the best directly. His dedication bore fruit. What followed was a massive shift in his consciousness. He suddenly realized that the problem was not in the hardships he had to face. The problem was to be found inside his mind, in the way he suppressed his potential through imposter syndrome and self sabotage. Aaron realized that with the right mindset, everything around him started to look and feel beautiful. The lessons were actually there to serve him, and he knew it.

“Money is not energy as I used to think. To me it is a measurement. It actually measures a specific thing, whatever we are willing to exchange for it. Money is a cycle of giving because you can’t take it without giving “something”, you give something every day, right? Time. Energy. Money. Resources. Attention. All day giving. This idea is extremely beautiful and was a massive and impactful paradigm shift for me. Money is units of choice, units of giving”, says Aaron. With this mindset in place picked up from one of Aaron’s mentors Chris Duncan he went on a journey of self discovery around multiple topics leading to inner peace and extreme motivation.

By the summer of the same year, he was hosting a top-ranked podcast, earned various skill based certifications, won a few awards and simultaneously was building a sales team with a $10M company run rate.

And this is not all. Never willing to sit back and relax, Aaron launched a crypto-education platform to help people avoid scams and ensure they get the most out of the industry.

“A growth mindset helps you understand that you always have room for improvement and growth. It helps you realise that like a muscle, you can still build and strengthen qualities such as intelligence, confidence and any skill you have or desire to have. When you have a growth mindset, you understand that you have limitless potential and that although you cannot foresee or predict the future, you can always work on building the qualities that yield growth and success in your life now and in the future.”, says Aaron in his Growth Mindset handbook Volume 1 which he wrote in the early days of the journey to document his early journey.

Today, Aaron is an exceptional professional who brings to the table a rare abundance of skills that rely on his passion for his team’s growth, and deep insights into how to unleash the potential in every individual struggling with similar challenges. He unleashes this on the company team as well as the students inside their consulting program weekly.

“In the process of creation we miss things, we make mistakes, have fear and doubt; but if you just get out there and go for what you want to create, you will get around the right people and figure it out, as long as you remain grateful and in a growth mindset frame”, he adds.

Should you wish to delve deeper into his insights, start by checking out his Growth Mindset podcast or go see how they help people create online businesses.

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