Fans of McKenna and McCartney

[Re: Kristine McKenna’s interview with Paul McCartney, January 16] I want to thank Ms. McKenna for a superior McCartney interview. She showed up with intelligent questions for an intelligent man who is still involved up to his eyeballs in an important musical life. She is neither servile nor condescending, and she elicits some short, sharp, interesting answers from a man who has suffered many dumb or lazy interview questions over the years. Well done!

Posted by Carol, Dryden, New York

Wow. I’ve read hundreds of McCartney interviews. But this one ranks right up there with the best of them. Short, succinct, yet asking very different questions. Thank you for allowing Paul’s humanity to shine through!

Posted by azzabazz,  L.A.

One of the great Macca interviews of all time. [Rather than the] same old questions and same stock answers, this interviewer finally asked the questions we fans would’ve asked if given the opportunity. Kudos.

Posted by LongTimeFan

Failed Development Policy

[Re: “L.A.’s Hidden Housing Crisis,” by Max Taves, January 16] Lost in the discussions of the pros and cons of high-density residential developments in L.A. — particularly along the Wilshire corridor east of La Cienega — is the quality of the finished product. Architecturally speaking, they are simply setback-busting “stucco boxes” that contribute nothing to the historical aesthetic tradition of Wilshire Boulevard and instead add another chapter in the failed policy that believes any development automatically equals good development. Successful pedestrian-friendly street scapes fail when the city lacks the backbone to implement any sort of unifying architectural principle and allows individual developers to determine the character of a neighborhood. It is proven that cohesiveness through aesthetic vision coupled with a modicum of regulation is neither prohibitive nor onerous to builders and developers. Rather, it is quintessential to its long-term survivability and profitability.

Posted by Steve, L.A.

Stryker Revisited

[Re: Steven Mikulan’s article on Jeff Stryker/Charles Peyton’s feud with Kulak’s Woodshed, “The Porn Star’s Revenge,” January 8] I’ve performed at Kulak’s many times since the year it opened. Paul Kulak has created a little paradise for singer-songwriters and musicians. I made the big mistake of trying to reason with Stryker at one of my shows, over which he was blasting his music. He got violent, screamed and acted like a lunatic. This, to a peaceful attempt. At the hearing, Kulak and his supporters stayed on track and were focused, while Stryker went on endless tangents, revealing the fractured state of his mind. It’s true that Stryker contacted Kulak’s performers at MySpace and threatened them — I was one of many who received threats and warnings. He seems capable of doing something truly terrible, worse than what he’s done so far. I warn everyone to keep away from him — he’s a time bomb.

Posted by Justin Tyme, North Hollywood 


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