Matias Alem, Miami’s Top Luxury Real Estate Broker, Offers Ideas to Agents in Other Hot Property Markets

Anyone in the property market in Miami knows that it’s nearly impossible to find a luxury home in the city’s best areas such as Surfside and Bay Harbor. But Matias Alem, CEO of BRG International, is at the forefront of property agents reimagining the real estate industry in a very hot market.

By always reimagining his approaches and strategies, pulling from years of experience while also being open to learning and trying new techniques, Alem has managed to thrill his high-net-worth clientele and sell over $120 million in properties last year, making him – and BRG International – among the top boutique real estate brokers in Southern Florida.

Now, the question is, what are his strategies and could they be replicated in other hot property markets like LA, where a vacant lot is almost impossible to find?

He says yes. Here he gives us an introduction to some of his projects that go far beyond the standard real estate agent offerings, and his creative ideas in providing top-notch luxury service in markets where high-level properties are nearly non-existent.

Born in Brazil, Alem started BRG International with the mission of catering to the international Brazilian market in South Florida. Post-pandemic, his business changed, and California has become a significant part of his business. In fact, Californians were the third-largest demographic to move to South Florida during the pandemic, just behind those from New York and Texas. This prompted Alem and BRG International to make a referral partnership agreement with BRG Realty of Silicon Valley in California, out of necessity.

“We have seen a large influx of people from California. They like the tropical weather, and the overall vibe of South Florida,” said Alem. “Property prices in South Florida, even at record highs, are still cheaper in comparison to areas of California. I even have a new neighbor from California. The challenge is to find the space for the waves of people coming in.”

One Step Further

With inventory for certain kinds of properties in Miami, such as luxury condos at coveted addresses or beachfront dream homes in gated communities, at a historic low, he’s turned to strategies that see him stepping into roles far beyond those of traditional agents. He now helps to redesign penthouses, reimagine out-of-date homes in prime locations and create new multi-million dollar properties.

When asked about the latest features his clients are asking about and what’s hot in Miami, he mentioned extensive and imaginative use of LED lighting both inside and outside of homes, three-dimensional stonework that offers a gorgeously natural look as well as enjoyable tactile elements, and resort-style amenities of all kinds.

The latter may be related to the pandemic situation of the last few years, a time when people spent more time at home and could not travel, so they began incorporating resort-like features in their own homes.

He says these ideas are applicable in any city that’s falling short in its luxury property offerings.

Beginning in Brazil

A University of Miami graduate, the Brazilian-born Alem entered the real estate business over two decades ago. He founded BRG International in 2011 with an eye toward specialization in the luxury market and leading a firm based on the best service, network, and knowledge. His drive has led him directly to success. His firm is nearly always mentioned in any discussion of boutique luxury real estate in Florida and he has 28 agents working for him.

His international background means he has a deep understanding of his overseas clientele and what they may be looking for in a second (or more) stateside property. In particular, Miami’s wealthy Brazilian community often turns to him when they need to buy or sell luxury homes.

Taking on Two Roles

Besides running the company, Alem holds two roles for his own clients : Luxury Residential Real Estate Broker and Interior Designer and Architectural Consultant. By combining these powerful skill sets, he can do far more than simply show his wealthy clients spaces for sale. When nothing suits their requirements, he helps them to create something that does. The benefit of having these skills under one roof, comes in handy for his 28 Real Estate Agents, which also have access to Alem for any questions concerning their own clients.

Through his second company, BRG Studio, he offers a full suite of architectural services, walking his clients step-by-step through designing the property they’ve been dreaming of.

Though he knows that not every luxury agent has the time, skill or interest to take on dual roles in sales and design, he says that any agent can find a design firm to partner with and provide the same holistic and all-inclusive service that BRG does.

“I wanted to offer services for every stage of the realty process. When you have to worry about one less thing because a company you are already working with can take it off your plate, it provides that much peace of mind. That was my goal in founding BRG,” he said.

His company incorporates construction and property management departments as well, other ideas that he said can be employed by luxury brokerages looking to add more value for their exacting clients.

Alem says that having someone on staff with an architectural background helps a firm to provide each of their clients with the ability to imagine – with the help of a professional – the possibilities for a property that they may have never considered.

“By having a menu of comprehensive services, we can ensure that our clients get a five-star experience with less stress. Each entity under BRG communicates and works with one another to create property industry harmony,” said Alem.

About Matias Alem

Matias Alem is the founder and CEO of BRG International, a Miami-based, multidisciplinary luxury Real Estate Brokerage and development company that specializes in high-end real estate. With over 21 years of experience in Real Estate and over 120 million in sales in 2021 alone, BRG International is one of the leading Luxury Real Estate Boutique Companies in South Florida. Click here to discuss how BRG International can help you reimagine real estate.

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