Matej Manjkas – A Rising Star in Online Entrepreneurship

Matej Manjkas, an entrepreneur and CEO of Paragon Enterprises, is rapidly taking over the branding and growth industry. In two years, him and his company have generated over one million dollars and have been featured in multiple high ranking publications such as Disrupt, RedX, and Vents Magazine, amongst others. His company offers services ranging from social media growth to branding, funnel/web design, copywriting, press, marketing, automation, consulting, and more. Paragon Enterprises clientele includes business owners, startups, entrepreneurs, artists as well as established 9 figure companies. Matej has been on the rise since late 2019/early 2020 after he decided to change his life and trade everything he knew for countless hours of work, dreaming bigger and taking action on those dreams like never before. He was 100% focused on positioning himself intelligently and preparing for the future by learning from multiple millionaire and billionaire mentors as well as others in his industry who were at the time ahead of him in order to learn and identify areas where they are lacking so that his company can fill the gap and get ahead with a service better than anything else that was available before. When he got confident that he could create one of the biggest and wealthiest companies in the industry using the internet, he started building his personal brand and company. Since then, Paragon Enterprises has emerged as the fastest-growing digital marketing company that works with different clients to turn them into influencers in their respective industries and help them create their very own online empire which will result in massive impact on their audience. The company not only helps people grow their presence on social media platforms and online overall but is also helping thousands leverage that massive exposure in order to start making thousands per month from their phone or laptop and get first class freedom. Today, the 23-year old Matej Manjkas and his company Paragon Enterprises have set a benchmark by entering the 1% club in such a short timespan. Matej believes that the present civilization especially in the west and its individuals cannot make excuses when all they need is just a phone and WiFi to earn as much money as they want, showcase their talents to the world and make an impact. Matej has reached this massive success due to his perseverance, passion, action-taking, hard work, surpassing his competition, and foremost due to his vision.

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