MasterClass founder Bahare Salehnia reveals the process behind the perfect Instagram picture

Bahare Salehnia has played a variety of roles in her career. She has been the Photographer, Content Creator, Influencer on Instagram Founder of MasterClass and so much more. While she is from Iran, the diva is currently living her best life in New York and has been able to leave a mark with her photography skills.

She has gained a massive fan following on social media following her video and posts about getting the perfect picture for Instagram. As it has been already established fact that social media has become the driving force in everyday life, more and more people are looking for ways to add that perfect picture to their profile.

Bahare opened up about the same and said, “Today it is not just about being a good model or good photographer but it is about having the perfect profile that reflects who you are. As a social media influencer, I understand what it means to get the perfect picture, which is the reason why I use social media to inform people about what all works and what doesn’t.”

The photographer often shares videos and posts in which she shared tips as to how one can make money off social media and how she can help to teach the same. She also posts videos in which she asks her fans and followers to find out the difference between a picture clicked by phone and then one by social media.

Bahare said, “It is not just about the equipment, it is about how you use it. Most people think that it is enough to just buy expensive tools and you will get the right picture. However, the important lesson is to pick the right angle, the right pose, to capture the balance between different hues and more. In my class, I ask my students to understand the dynamics of it all instead of just buying a bigger or more expensive lens.”

Interestingly, Bahare did her graduation Imam Khomeini International University in Civil Engineering. Later, she decided to pursue her passion for photography and eventually she becomes a force to reckon with on social media.

Today she is the visionary behind the online mobile photography and professional photography courses currently for people all over the world and making tutorial content for her followers about photo editing by smartphone, photography poses and tips.

Bahare Salehnia has more than 3 million followers on her Instagram and she seems quite unstoppable.

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