Marvin Mitchell’s Compass Retirement Solutions LLC helps people navigate through retirement with top-notch services.

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As a CEO and President, he has been taking people toward their goals to build the life they wish to live.

It is indeed astonishing to see how a few people and professionals have been giving it their all in their respective industries in order to make a larger impact through their work on the ones they wish to cater to. It is even more astonishing to see how many determined souls made sure to never lose hope and, even amidst challenges, held their grounds and kept fighting tooth and nail to become prominent names in their chosen niches, ultimately adding more value to the lives of others through their work. Who better than Marvin Mitchell to serve as an example here, as a man of passion in the ever-so-evolving financial world?

Marvin Mitchell is the President and CEO of Compass Retirement Solutions LLC, who has dedicated his life and career to helping those who are in or near their retirement by protecting their retirement portfolio and thus has emerged as one of the finest financial advisors across the US. He highlights that his decision to become a financial advisor ignited when he saw his grandmother suffer the effects of inappropriate retirement planning services. She had cancer and got all the wrong advice, spending her assets on medical care. Thus, he decided to jump into the industry to provide clients with customized services that would focus on their unique requirements. The St. Louis native, after working for eight years in the industry, launched his Creve Coeur-based company by assembling a team of certified financial advisers and staff. They provide the best retirement services in the areas of income, investment, taxes, legacy planning, and health care.

Compass Retirement Solutions LLC adds the third bucket, as opposed to Wall Street advisors, who handle clients’ money in two buckets. They call their third bucket “safety,” which involves placing a part of their portfolio in another vehicle that will protect it. So, even if the market goes down, the money will be safe, and if it goes up, it will give them more opportunities for their money to grow.

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