Marketwise pounders expansion with new age marketing techniques  : CEO Gianluca Saldicco talks about the companies ideology

MarketWise is an agency founded by Zil Global with over five years of experience in digital marketing specifically applied to the music industry.

They work with record labels, artists, YouTube channels, and curators to bring their music to the right audience by implementing effective advertising strategies that we have perfected over the years thanks to the broad knowledge acquired by Zil Global in different sectors of the music industry.

Their main goal is to create solutions to drive talent in the music industry, just as in Zil Distribution, their most ambitious project.

In addition to the company’s experience in the music industry, They have a highly trained team of digital marketing experts who are up-to-date on the latest trends and strategies to ensure quality results for our clients and prevent them from wasting their budget on trial and error. They transmit their knowledge to our excellent marketing team to fully understand the audience and create effective results. The parent company Zil Global has formed extensive knowledge during its formative years in regards to catering to ever changing needs of the saturated music industry . Which also adds value to Marketwise’s current core team members.

Gianluca (Marketwise CEO / COO Zil Global ) says “Unlike other companies, we didn’t create MarketWise just because we’re passionate about digital marketing. Actually, it arose from our own needs many years ago when we were trying to promote our own Spotify playlists or the music videos of some artists we managed. Zil Global has always had, and still has, many projects related to the music industry, which allows MarketWise to see both sides of the coin. For example, we recently launched our “Go Viral” service package, which helps effectively boost releases, reaching the right audience and generating real organic growth. The entire strategy behind “Go Viral” is inspired by the knowledge gained from working on the management of different artists”.

An interesting fact of the company is “Brian Sucari” introduced the current CEO “GIANLUCA SALDICCO” to the world of digital advertisements , Through his vast knowledge and contacts wide spread within the music industry , it was Brian who paved way for Gian to the everlasting music empire. “Gianluca” adds “I am very thankful to Brian who has helped me immensely with his wisdom.Thanks to him I am capable enough to handle the challenges in the bussines world”

It’s important to keep in mind that for a song to go viral and reach millions of people organically, it needs some kind of boost. Advertising allows you to reach people interested in your music through good targeting. This way, you could make thousands of people listen to your song, interact with it by saving it to their playlists or liking the video in the first days, increasing your chances of the algorithm recommending your song massively.

According to Marketwise “A good advertising strategy can also turn clicks into real followers of your brand. Unlike simply paying to be added to a playlist, a good advertising strategy can increase your chances of success and build a long-term loyal audience while paying to get on a playlist only gives you low-value streams”. Marketwise brings you a world class platform and service for all the artists. It is here to create a sense of home for artists and companies with budget tight marketing.

Marketwise is your one stop solution to all your marketing needs.

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