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Interior design has many tools at its disposal, one being the lighting scheme. People do not realize the potential of lighting to transform a space, so they often overlook it. It can reflect your personality and turn your house into a home. Without good lighting, the impact of the other interior fittings like wall coverings, flooring, and furnishes, will be lost. If you want to get the most out of how your home looks, proper lighting is paramount. Marketing Expert Gustavo Tello has a strong grip in the lighting industry. He has made significant contributions in several Miami luxury homes with lighting fixtures and accessories collected from The Lighting Store in the US. Gustavo believes that innovative and state of the art lighting solutions that do not sacrifice aesthetics are an essential part of the interiors.

Gustavo’s marketing skills have been a backbone to his business and helped him emerge as an industry leader. Originally from Venezuela, Tello moved to the United States as a general manager of ARE Lighting. He supervised several departments from sales and marketing, budgeting and finance, project management, product distribution, and delivery. Working in a successful lighting business, Gustavo is an expert voice in the industry.

Deep-rooted industry knowledge

Gustavo worked with Formalux C.A. that has been in the Venezuelan market for more than 15 years supplying high-quality light fixtures for the national market. The company’s design philosophy has many personalities offering new and innovative ways to approach lighting applications and timekeeping needs. From the sober beauty of Italian Murano Glass to the precision workmanship of German engineering, the company offered retail modern design fixtures and advised its clients on many lighting projects.

“My work at Formalux has been highly accomplished, deeply driven, and creative. I had a successful ten-year track record in management. I worked with an enthusiastic leadership team and proved my ability to implement business development, sales, marketing, and sales tactics to acquire new customers while retaining existing ones, ” states Gustavo when asked to highlight the key points of his background in the lighting business. During his tenure at Formalux, Gustavo attended several fairs such as the International Light Fairs like Light + Building in Frankfurt, Germany, Euroluce, and Living Luce in Milan, Italy. The experience armed him with cross-functional connections. This empowered him to develop a strong industry network and equipped him with vital assistance while establishing his own business, The Lighting Store, in the US.

Gustavo is an ardent believer in word-of-mouth marketing that helps businesses gain considerable credibility. Tello graduated from the University of Nueva Esparta in Caracas, Venezuela, followed by a Master’s in Business Administrations from Carlos Albizu University in Miami, Florida. He maintained a successful ten-year career working for Formalux, before working more independently with The Lighting Store. Through his venture, Gustavo tries to express the unspoken language and harmony between the spaces and the fixtures that occupy them. Gustavo and his team have decked several Miami homes with its sophisticated and stylish products with an eye for the perfect design language, gratifying its inmates to the core.


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