Marketing Expert Fope Okuyiga Explains You Are What You Think Are

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While we all have different definitions of success, we can all agree that it is something we all strive to achieve. But becoming successful, whether that means financial independence or building a thriving empire, is not easy. There are many roadblocks along the way, and unfortunately, not everyone is able to make their dreams a reality.

According to celebrated marketing expert Fope Okuyiga, this is partly due to our mindsets and general approach towards different things. Fope explains that while there are situations you have zero control over, how they unfold depends on your way of thinking and determination to get to your goals.

Whether your goal is to start and build a thriving business or buy property, how and when you achieve it is determined by your approach and how you perceive yourself, a theory perfectly proven by Fope. Born in Nigeria and partly raised in the US and Canada, Fope has been an entrepreneur since he was young. He developed a passion for entrepreneurship, and to attain his dream of financial independence, Fope started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age.

But it wasn’t easy. For much of his early childhood, Fope grew up without his dad, and he went off to boarding school at age 10, which was challenging. The change of environment made it hard for Fope to get used to living outside his family home. As he got used to his new life, Fope left for Canada.

At the time, Fope was 15 years old, and he had to try and fit in once more. While it was tough, Fope didn’t give up. Rather than letting the world write his story and give critics an opportunity, Fope decided to build his own future. He invested in his dreams, remained focused on his goals, and is now a successful entrepreneur and marketer.

Fope has operated several successful ventures, including a clothing brand. He is also a well-known basketball player. Fope has played college basketball in the US, with his skills helping him reach the top. His efforts have been recognized in the sporting industry, receiving various awards, including the USBWA (United States Basketball Writers Association) Men’s freshman of the year for the Rochester Chapter.

If Fope had let his situation determine his future, none of this would have been possible. But Fope chose to fight for his dreams, believing in himself, and he is a successful player and businessman. Through sharing his story, he says that his goal is to encourage other young people as he shows young entrepreneurs that the one determining factor of your circumstances is your way of thinking.

“You are what you think you are,” says Fope. He explains that only you have the power to write your story, and how you feel about yourself will greatly determine the flow and end to that story.

Even though Fope’s path has been daunting, he has not let failure stop him from getting to his destination. He has chosen to stand up time and again, and rather than wait for anyone to make changes, Fope is first making changes within himself. He says that his dream is to be a source of inspiration to as many people as he can as he shows young entrepreneurs and basketball players that nothing is too difficult to achieve.

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