Mark Your Calendar for the Much-Awaited Launch of MetaRobotica NFT

3D collectibles powered by AI and secured on the Ethereum blockchain – this is a dream-come-true NFT for many gamers and crypto enthusiasts and that’s precisely what MetaRobotica offers. This new-age NFT is already creating headlines with its record number of Discord members, surpassing the 38,000 mark. With the developers eyeing a 22nd February launch, everyone eagerly waits for the NFTs to go live, especially after reading about the perks that early investors can enjoy.

MetaRobotica metaverse – a world dominated by women

The world quickly transformed into a dark place for everyone and surviving became challenging. Those who managed to stay had nothing to eat. This resulted in the MetaRobotica AI backfiring.

Only seven sisters survived the doom of time. However, they share one common defect in their personalities – they don’t want to die. They realized that the world was not safe for kids anymore. That’s why they are making a final attempt to use their precious 8,888 humanoid chips to repopulate the world and make it a better place for everyone.

Creating the MetaRobotica metaverse

Elad Malca is the man behind the MetaRobotica metaverse. His creativity and innovation gave life to the idea that the developers had in mind. Elad Malca is a legendary artist and a 3D modeling guru who is a master at texture implementation, graphic design, animations, and visual effects. It only took him a few months to conceive the project and design it according to the developers’ vision.

The MetaRobotica roadmap

The primary aim of MetaRobotica developers is to create a community where members can freely interact with each other, exchange NFTs, and showcase their collections. In addition, the team has a comprehensive roadmap that would encourage NFT enthusiasts to invest in their tokens.

According to the developers, the first big step will be to launch the NFTs. The scheduled date for the launch (mint) is February 22. A raffle will take place on February 21, and the lucky winners will be able to mint the NFTs the next day. However, the minting option will be available to OG and WL spot holders two hours before it opens to the general public.

The developers also have plans to provide free airdrops to the NFT holders. Each holder will receive a RoboCard and earn $MROB ERC-20 tokens in return.. But make sure you hold the NFTs for at least one month. The longer you hold on to your NFTs, the more tokens you receive.

Later, MetaRobotica will also airdrop spaceships to NFT holders, who will be able to design them and use them to showcase their NFTs. Each spaceship will have different characteristics, and it’s essential to prepare it properly if you want to stay ahead in the beta version of the MetaRobotica game. If you are a gaming enthusiast, you should sign up for the Play2Earn game and make the most of your NFTs.

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