Mark Van Stratum uses real-life instances to create an epic fiction

Gone are the days when romance was one of the most celebrated genres of books. In today’s day and age, books that can challenge our conscience, leave us in trance and provide us a critically reasoned mindset are gaining popularity. Most of the books that we see around the market deal with the ongoing issues that affect us as a society or are stories that can wreck us emotionally. Either way, you are left with a satisfied appetite for reading.

Mark Van Stratum is a popular author from Lisbon, Portugal. After going through the roughest years of his life, he decided to change the way he perceived things. Dedicating himself to his passion and work, helped him get rid of his toxic traits. His debut book- The Drug of choice is an accurate depiction of the dystopia he had once survived. Though his journey is truly admirable, we can never unsee the efforts he put in the pursuit of happiness and perseverance he generated within himself to combat the forces that denied change.

The author presents an engaging plot to his audience that allows them to live a fictional life parallelly. The use of different literary devices helped him construct a story that upholds important life lessons while explaining the adventures of teenage life.

Mark Released another blockbuster in 2020, namely- Alpha seed, Beta need. The disturbing love story takes place in various parts of European countries. The protagonist- Mark Van Stratum’s life turns upside down when he learns about his wife’s affair. After going back and forth, fate brings him to the threshold of devastation, when he is left contemplating the legitimacy of his son.

Mark has consistently produced good writing, leaving people to yearn more. Though the stories have a hint of reality molded in a thriller that is worth your investment. As he overcame the numerous struggles of his life, he engaged with better lifestyle choices to make the most of his life. He aspires to write many life-changing tales that can inspire people to do good deeds and follow their passion.

LA Weekly