Marco Laterza on the Uptick in Corporate Health Resources

In the last year, the impact of the pandemic has taught us the importance of health and well-being. While covid has undoubtedly impacted the physical health of millions, the pandemic has also had a profound effect on people’s mental state as well as on their fitness and whole health. In what seems to be this corporate health epiphany, many companies are now cultivating new programs and resources for their employees to utilize and access in order to maintain a happier, healthier lifestyle. With this new wave of corporate health comes up-and-coming corporate health expert Marco Laterza who, despite this new trend, has been studying and practicing corporate health strategies for years. With customizable health and fitness plans, Laterza is at the forefront of the corporate health movement with practices that not only work, but ultimately benefit both employees as well as their employers.

Coming from a corporate background himself, Laterza left behind a career as a banker in wealth management when he decided to pursue health and fitness full time. Through his fitness journey, he managed to make it on the cover of 21 fitness magazines including Muscle and Performance, Men’s Health, and Muscle and Performance. While his experience in fitness is obvious by his physique, Laterza has since expanded into overall health and fitness—including mental health as well. His personalized programs include one-on-one fitness training, group exercise, virtual sessions, counselling, dietary advice, corporate and group speaking engagements, as well as mental health support.

“I really strive to help businesses and companies design effective programs that benefit an employee’s physical and mental health,” Laterza says. “From encouraging better eating habits to helping maximize productivity to helping maintain mental health needs, I’m aiming to help businesses evolve their health services to newer and better standards.”

As more companies look to enhance their employee resources, Laterza’s services are a perfect fit, being completely customizable for any corporation whether for thousands, or just a few. Despite how devastating the pandemic has been for so many, if there is one positive thing to come of it, it’s been this awakening of the importance of health. Laterza looks forward to helping enhance and enrich the lives of professionals all over the world with programs and practices that will increase productivity, well-being, and a healthy lifestyle. To learn more about Marco Laterza, visit his website or LinkedIn, or follow him on Instagram.

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