Marcela Iglesias: The Business Mogul Known for her Barbie Look

Success comes to individuals who work hard for it. Individuals who seize the opportunities they see and make the most out of them always land on their feet. This is the experience of Marcela Iglesias, better known as the “Human Barbie,” who immigrated to America and eventually became a self-made mogul with a successful talent management company and a budding career as a content creator. Marcela Iglesias knew what she wanted and did everything she could to make her dreams a reality.

Marcela Iglesias, also known as “Queen of Hollywood,” gained attention after undergoing several new beauty treatments to look like a real-life Barbie doll. According to Iglesias, the doll-like aesthetic makes her feel like her most authentic self. She added, “This is what I want to look like. The doll-like looks feel authentic to who I am and how I see me. After all my procedures, I look at myself in the mirror, and I genuinely like what I see.”

Marcela Iglesias has also documented on her online platforms a few of the groundbreaking cosmetic procedures she has gone through. In fact, she is the world’s first recipient of the spiderweb abs enhancement procedure. This entailed having 70 injections placed in a spider web pattern on her abdominal area. The procedure aims to tighten the skin and stimulate collagen production. “I wanted to try this procedure to get back the abs I had ten years ago. I love trying out new cosmetic enhancements and being the first to seek out the latest beauty treatments,” Iglesias shared.

Getting plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures is often looked down upon. Still, Marcela Iglesias views it as something to celebrate because it is a way for individuals to be one step closer to their most authentic selves. With this philosophy in mind, she started her talent management company, Plastics of Hollywood. Here, Iglesias takes charge of a roster of clients who are also into getting cosmetic and plastic surgery. “I wanted to create an environment and a community of people who were open about changing their appearance to make it align better with who they are,” she said.

This successful self-made woman has also recently ventured into onlyfans as content creation.  Marcela Iglesias shared that her doll-like aesthetic was popular in the space and has garnered many fans and supporters. She said, “A lot of the time, I talk to people there. Many men come to me and ask for advice on forming better connections and relationships with the women in their life. I’m glad I can help them in my own way.”

Born and raised in Argentina, Marcela Iglesias moved to Los Angeles to pursue the American dream. But it was more of a struggle than she imagined. Iglesias was an undocumented immigrant for ten years. But she worked hard, determined to build a better life for herself and fulfill her dreams. Her dedication has paid off, and today Iglesias is a successful businesswoman, manager, and entrepreneur. She is also a staunch animal rights supporter and a vocal animal rights activist. In addition, she continues to expand her business empire by exploring new areas such as fitness with Edgecrossx core system  and cryptocurrency.

“Looking back on the decisions I made to get to the life I have now, I can say I have no regrets,” said Marcela Iglesias, “I am proud of the work I have done to get to where I am. And I hope I can encourage and help more people to get to a better place in their life too.”

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