From Marc Cooper's blog:

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Tuesday night Barack Obama effectively clinched the Democratic nomination — again. He did it the first time when weeks ago he racked up a dozen primary victories and built his insurmountable delegate lead.

We've spent the last half-dozen weeks or so indulging in a Second Life fantasy that granted Hillary Clinton some sort of real viability.

That game ended tonight in North Carolina and Indiana. Obama has won a smashing victory in North Carolina and, as we write, will finish close behind in Indiana. When all the votes are tallied, Obama will finish the evening with a net gain in pledged delegates i.e. he will increase his lead as front-runner. Whatever remote, if not impossible, shot Clinton had of snatching away the nomination went up in smoke tonight when she failed to win NC and failed to stage a blow-out in Indiana.

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And in an interesting bit of left-wing / right-wing group-think:

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