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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on the world as we know it and things will never be the same. Usually catastrophes only affect one part of the world but the coronavirus pandemic has brought the entire world to a standstill. Poverty and unemployment have both sky rocketed, the global economy is in shambles, and yet, we’re still only witnessing the gradual effect the virus has had on the economy and the world in its first year. Manny Garcia, entrepreneur and philanthropist, explains why philanthropy is needed now more than ever.

Philanthropy can be thought of as a private extension of the government in lending aid to various causes, working in smaller areas with more specific objectives. Right now governments are scrambling to recover the economy which means the bandwidth of most governments have been entirely reached leaving millions of people struggling to survive without usual government assistance.

“Philanthropy isn’t only about helping people, it’s about creating a lasting impact on other people’s lives” said Manny.  Philanthropists worldwide need to step up their game. Manny who’s co-founded as well as invested in several companies, including an auto customization & collision repair shop, real estate and a clothing brand with multiple retail stores has had a personal experience with poverty and unemployment. It has motivated him to excel in business. “It has also shown me how important philanthropy can be in bringing hope to people” added Garcia.

As a philanthropist, Manny’s mission is to encourage today’s youth to work hard and stay focused no matter what the goal may be. “Failure is unacceptable,” said Manny. This ideology has been how Garcia attained success and stays solution oriented no matter the problem.

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