Manifestations And the Mighty Magician – A Rollercoaster Ride of a Book

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Written by Justin Scott Taylor, a read packed with drama in a fantasy magic world, about multidimensional travel and martial artists, Manifestations and the Mighty Magician is a book that’ll take the reader on a crazy rollercoaster ride! All set to be released this fall on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble, for action lovers, it’s definitely not one to pass up on.

The story is all about a young black man named Kurt who meets a stunning woman on an online chatroom and they soon start seeing each other. As the romance develops, on the other hand, Kurt is challenged with fighting an evil syndicate that’ll do just about anything to destroy and take over the world!

And of course, his girlfriend, Mika, is never going to leave his side. The couple is joined with a number of other characters that all have the same goal – to save the world.  Fighting the Maganti isn’t easy but it’s not something that Kurt is going to give up on. The story covers the entire struggle, figuring out each other’s abilities, and secrets that even his girlfriend is hiding.

But no matter what happens, Kurt just can’t let Mika go and so they go on the challenge together. To know what happens, and the impossible hurdles they have to go through to save the world, there’s only one thing to do – give the book a read!

It’s all ready to be published this fall in 2022, on Barnes & Noble and Amazon Kindle. All interested readers have to do is stay tuned.

About Justin Taylor

Taylor is an artist and writer who loves being creative. At just 3 or 4 years of age, he began drawing on the piece of paper that his mother gave him, and what he drew was a detailed basketball, letting her know that she truly had given birth to an artist. With time, his art pieces only got more detailed and the characters became multidimensional.

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