Mando-CT –  Crypto Enthusiast and Expert is Dominating the Market; Read More

Twitter is beautiful, thanks to people like Mando. The crypto enthusiast popular with a username @xmaximist on Twitter shares his crypto experiences on the microblogging site, making for almost everything young crypto traders look for. Mando has a great huge loyal following and 20 years of trading experience in various markets. “He is originally from Liverpool England but has lived all over the world most of his adult life

One key rule for super successful crypto trading is that Mando is always looking for low cap crypto gems. It’s hard to do but possible when you have been working in the market for more than half a decade. Those who have stayed in the crypto market for so long understand both success and failure, and Mando is no different.

“I have been invested in crypto since 2016 with a huge amount of success stories, but I have also been rugged a couple of times which wasn’t nice in the early days,” says Mando, who also loves to call himself Mando-CT.

When lockdown happened in 2020, it wasn’t an easy phase for Mando. But thanks to all the experience and knowledge, he managed to overcome the difficulties with flying colours. Mando continued trading and shared his experiences on Crypto Twitter. This didn’t just help him gain more popularity but also helped him enrich his knowledge and confidence.

Though Mando boasts of a lot of crypto wisdom and popularity, he insists he is not a financial advisor. Mando says that none of his calls is financial advice, and his tweets are about what he is investing in himself. He likes to share his ideas for entertainment purposes only.

“The crypto market is like the “Wild West” in many respects with scammers/rugs and extremely volatile swings of the coins. If you decide you want to invest in the crypto market then I would say this, be very careful and don’t ever overexpose yourself,” he explains.

As for his investment approach, Mando says he is very careful over what he invests in, so there is a lot of due diligence and research before buying into new projects.

Mando is also a proud part of Metaverse in Bloktopia.  His followers can visit his virtual office and see his crypto gem calls live.

Mando has been featured on the gigantic billboards at Times Square New York and Piccadilly Circus London, which talks about the kind of brand he has become. With a target of crossing 140x plus gains in crypto this year, Mando is unstoppable and is surely set for an insane career.

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