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The life of the mind and the journey to success can be inspired by one’s demographics but are never limited to it. Anyone who has a love for creating, building, imagining, and enjoying the process of living as a whole has made the world their oyster. The world is fast becoming a place of infinite novelties and possibilities. It’s a place where the common man is doing uncommon things and discovering the potential that lies in sheer hard work. Syrian-Turkish Majed Veysel is testimony to this new world; from humble beginnings to becoming a leading architect in Turkey and Italy, Veysel has lived many lifetimes in his 25 years.

“Building something, asking different questions, and finding new answers was like my childhood hobby,” remembers Veysel, who was born in Syria in the middle of January in 1995. In the following 17 years, he was able to let his passions direct his fate. “Architecture,” he says, “came to me like a flash of lightning. It was everything I had hoped to find. I always had an interest and talent for architecture, and I guided myself toward this field with the study of fundamental architectural courses.” The architectural courses started in 2012 when he graduated from American School in Aleppo. His higher studies kept him occupied from 2013-2017 at Istanbul’s Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi from where he graduated as a Bachelor of Architecture before registering in The Chamber of Architects Of Turkey in 2017.  He is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture degree for sustainable design (2018 – 2020) in Italy. He adds, “I realized that architecture is not only an art but involves technology and sustainability as well. Studies have provided me a deeper comprehension of its science and cultural influences.”

Architecture is much more than a profession for Veysel. It has helped him formulate the guiding principles of his life. Says he, “architecture does not focus only on a visual, but also emphasizes the more essential functional and practical aspects of an object.” According to those who know him well, “Veysel is the best at what he does.” This appears to be the case, especially when he won the first consul Made in Italy Brand Ambassador Prize for His Architecture Project ‘Versace Headquarters in Rome, Italy’ BAU International Academy of Rome in May 2016. He also assisted in designing and building the highest skyscraper in Turkey ‘Skyland Istanbul’ in 2017.

Veysel’s passion and curiosity have been instrumental in shaping his career and life, which, like the skyscrapers he’s helped create, are ready to touch the sky.

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