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If you want to increase your chances of getting into the grad school of your choice, then the last thing you want to do is trust just any company to get you to a better GRE score.

The Magoosh GRE prep product is one option, and to make sure you don’t go into this course with the wrong expectations, we’ve researched and checked everything that’s included. 

Let’s dive right in. 

What Is Magoosh GRE Prep? 

Magoosh GRE prep is an entirely online-based course that focuses on preparing students for the real test

The test prep company is highly focused on providing lessons and materials that focus only on what the standardized tests will ask for. 

The reason most students that don’t get their required GRE score fall short is because they often struggle with a certain topic or they are poorly prepared for the types of GRE questions in the exams. 

No matter how much you study, if you’re not prepared for a certain style of questions, you’ll struggle with the exam. 

The Magoosh online platform provides text materials and video lessons that allow you to learn at your own pace. 

You get suggested lessons and customizable practice sessions to focus on next, and each section comes with a quiz mode to start testing what you’ve learned. 

The GRE prep also involves practice questions and exams that help you feel comfortable once you enter the real exam. 

Let me show you some of the course content.

Magoosh GRE Course Highlights 

Based on all the feedback we got and reviewing the course layout, we found four key areas that stood out the most. 

1. Real Practice Questions

You can read through all the books and text materials and create as many flashcards as you like, but it’s only when you go through real practice questions that you find out if you understand the material. 

The Magoosh courses come with over 1,400 sample questions that cover all sections, giving you plenty of flexibility to prepare for the actual test. 

2. Great Video Lessons

We noticed plenty of comments online from students who said that each video lesson is condensed and to the point. 

That means you don’t have to watch hours of Magoosh videos that could just add confusion and slow down your progress. 

3. GRE Score Predictor

As you progress and answer questions in the quizzes and practice mode, the system will analyze your responses and provide you with a predicted GRE score. This can show you exactly where you might need to focus more attention, and you’ll get a better idea when you’re ready for the big day. 

4. Magoosh’s Score Increase Guarantee

This is a big one. 

If you didn’t get the score you need in a previous GRE attempt, then Magoosh offers a guarantee that you will increase your score by at least 5 points

If you don’t make it, then they will offer a complete refund, but looking at some of the results users have shared, this is an unlikely situation. 

Magoosh GRE Prep Course Advantages 

We took a careful look at all the Magoosh GRE course resources and how the online dashboard is set up. 

Here are the main advantages we noted with the Magoosh GRE course.

1. GRE Plans

Magoosh offers two different plans for students, and the main difference is the amount of time you have access to the online materials. 

The 1-Month Premium option is ideal for students who may have already taken one test but didn’t get the high score they needed. These students may just need a few more weeks to go through problem areas. 

The 6-Month Premium plan is what most students go for. Half a year might sound like a long time to prepare for the GRE, but if you want to achieve a higher score to get into your preferred grad school, then it’s important to take your time and ensure that you get all subjects fully covered. 

2. Dedicated Math Section

Magoosh gives students the opportunity to focus more or most of their attention on the math part. This is especially suitable for people who may have struggled with the quantitative section, and when you factor in the video tutorials, it’s one of the best GRE products to boost your math score. 

You can also focus on math questions as you progress so that you can regularly check whether you have the full understanding required for the exam. 

3. Verbal And Analytical Writing Section

Similarly, for those students who find math easy but struggle with the written portion of the exam, Magoosh offers good course options. 

The dedicated vocabulary flashcards and video explanation should give you the resources you need to score higher in the verbal questions and essay. 

The verbal score is actually one area where many students find the biggest opportunity for improvement.

The self-paced study material for the written skills is easy to follow and provides clear guidance on how to improve your essays. 

4. 7-Day Trial Option

If you’re uncertain whether the material will be suitable for your style of studying and learning, there is an option to sign up for a one-week free trial. You’ll have access to free resources in the math and verbal areas, and you can preview the study plans as well. 

It also provides an opportunity to see the incredibly user-friendly dashboard online and see for yourself what the learning experience would be like. 

5. Price Plans

The two Magoosh subscription options are identical except for the number of months that you have access to. 

The 1-Month plan costs $149, and the 6-Month option is $179.

Now, I would say that you shouldn’t pick the 1-Month plan unless you’re 100% certain that you’ll sit your next test within a month and will get the result you need. 

There’s quite a lot of work, and the price difference is only $30, so you might have more flexibility by giving yourself six months. 

6. Money-Back Guarantee

The money-back-guarantee is something that we liked a lot. It tells us that Magoosh has enough data from past students to guarantee all new students that they will get at least a 5-point improvement to their previous score. 

If you don’t, then you get a full refund. 

This is particularly interesting for anyone who may have missed the score they need by just a few points. 

7. Video Explanations

These are a great addition to the service, but keep in mind that these video lessons are not designed to replace studying the other materials. 

The video explanations provide a summary of a certain topic or section and serve to help you memorize stuff by listening to the key concepts as well.

So don’t assume that you can simply sit back and watch a few lessons. That would be quite a long shot. 

8. Practice Tests

Magoosh has a great approach when it comes to the practice GRE test. 

First of all, you have a large selection of over 1,400 practice problems to go through, and you can combine them into three separate practice tests. This is helpful to gain some more experience in the test format but also shows you whether you’ve understood the material provided. 

There’s also a score predictor that will give you an estimate of what your likely results will be. It’s a good tool to see your progress and know where you might need to improve to get to a higher difficulty level. 

Does The Course Have Any Disadvantages? 

So, overall we really struggled to find some problems with this affordable option. 

But we should point out two things that might be important to some of you. 

First of all, Magoosh doesn’t provide any in-person tutoring or live-streamed lessons where you ask questions to experienced teachers. It’s a helpful add-on that other GRE prep courses offer, but it comes at a price. 

Secondly, there’s no essay grading option. You will be taught how to improve your writing skills, but there won’t be someone providing feedback on your written work. 

Some other companies offer either tutor or AI corrected options, but again, those companies are generally more expensive. 

Magoosh Course Structure 

From a high-level perspective, this is the way Magoosh has designed the course through the user interface. 

1. Custom Study Schedule

Once you’re set up with your GRE prep account, you’ll be given a study schedule. You can customize this as much as you want by shortening the time to your real GRE test. 

You can also prioritize the Magoosh verbal section over the math one and even change it around again if you think you need to shift more of your attention. 

2. Written Online Material

Next, you go through detailed online material in text form that allows you to read and study at your own pace. 

You can go back over sections as many times as you like and refine your study notes. 

And then comes the really helpful part.

3. Supporting Video Material

Each of the sections and topics you work on comes with video explanations that cover the main topics. 

Many people find it easier to remember things when they read and hear the material, as it helps the brain to memorize them more easily. 

4. Practice Tests And Quizzes

And finally, as you go through sections, you’ll get some sample practice questions in quizzes, and you also have the opportunity to do three practice tests. 

This is fewer practice tests than some other GRE prep companies offer, but we’ve found that it’s enough for the majority of people. 

Who Is The GRE Prep Course Designed For?

The Magoosh GRE course is designed for people who need to improve their score in order to get into a specific graduate program

One of the plans is ideal for anyone that has already got an actual GRE exam result that didn’t quite satisfy the school’s requirements. It’s a 1-month plan where you aim to get through all the materials quickly. 

The other group it’s suitable for is people who want to take a bit more time to spread out the work. This 6-month plan has the exact same materials, but you can access it for longer. 


Does Magoosh include practice tests?

Yes, Magoosh includes three practice tests. You can take these at any time, but it’s best to follow the recommended study guide before trying the GRE questions. As a result, you should get a much better understanding of what your progress is. 

How accurate is the Magoosh GRE practice test?

The Magoosh practice tests are very accurate. The style and wording of the questions are almost identical to what you would encounter on the day. Other courses sometimes include a lot more tests, but the Magoosh question bank should be enough for most people. 

Does Magoosh come with a mobile app?

No, Magoosh doesn’t come with a specific mobile app for GRE test prep. But the company does have a few apps related to studying and preparing for verbal and written skills that might be helpful to prepare for the test. 

Will Magoosh grade your practice essay?

No, Magoosh will not grade your practice essay. You will be given plenty of resources to improve your writing skills, but there’s no direct feedback from a tutor. If that’s an area most important to you, then you may need to pick a different GRE course. 

Are You Ready To Boost Your Chances Of Getting A Good GRE Score?

Based on all the Magoosh reviews and having compared the online platform and content to other GRE prep courses, we believe that this is a cost-effective way for most people to get a better result. 

The Magoosh course is easy to follow with a simple-to-navigate dashboard. The study plans also work well to keep you on target. 

Order your access today and take the first steps towards a much better preparation for the actual GRE test day. 

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