Mackin Talent Empowers, Engages and Celebrates its Global Team with Awards Program 

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With offices in the U.S., Canada, Europe and China, the Mackin Talent staffing firm has prioritized the empowerment of its employees through the sharing of wins from across the company, as a means of uniting their global team.

As the pandemic divided global teams even more, Mackin created the Annual Mackin Awards to celebrate employee accomplishments throughout the year. The result was a more engaged and active employee culture, which is hard to build in the staffing industry.

“Mackin is only as good as its employees,” said Chief Marketing Officer Leniece Lane.

Nominations for the awards are submitted by employees, which means a lot to the nominees. In addition to being a nice pat on the back, each winner also receives a physically-engraved crystal award commemorating their win.

“We wanted to provide a way for us to engage, celebrate and grow,” Leniece said. “Being part of a team is important—and we are all on Team Mackin.”

Employee awards are important because they recognize hard work, which can boost morale and motivation. A well-crafted recognition program can also give employees the incentive to perform at their best, which in turn can increase productivity. And recognition and acknowledgement can spur innovation by encouraging friendly competition among co-workers.

The 2022 Mackin Talent Awards recognized 45 nominees in a wide range of categories, including:

The Impact Awards, which include a subset of categories:

  • The Stepping Up Award—which recognizes the Mackin Talent team members who dare to try new things; are always willing to step up and volunteer for a project; and maintain an overall great team attitude.
  • Above & Beyond—which acknowledges those employees who, on a consistent basis, do more for others; their team; and community.
  • VIP Team Player—which celebrates employees who strengthen the company at large by prioritizing the team and their roles in supporting the greater good at the heart of Mackin’s success.
  • Brand Ambassador—which singles out the Mackin team members who maintain a leadership role in promoting the company; landing referrals; and serving as a Mackin ambassador.
  • Creative Solutions—which expresses gratitude and appreciation to an employee who innovates by focusing on problem solving; creative thinking; and strategic workarounds.
  • Disruption—a key component of any successful team, this award acknowledges the cutting-edge vision of those team members who are game-changers in their work.

The Innovation Awards:

  • Business Process—for the team members who establish and optimize processes while achieving continuous improvement through operationalized growth.
  • Recruitment—for the agile, professional and quick thinking and acting team members who maintain an eye for talent while supporting clients through industry expertise.
  • Client Initiative—for the client success and support champion who has grown the business through partnerships, processes and/or other improvements.
  • Employee Support—for the team members who understand the needs of Mackin’s employees; collaborate to provide solutions; solve problems and get answers; and help employees realize their potential.
  • Service—for the Mackin employees who challenge themselves by setting high expectations while going above and beyond the call of duty; working quickly; and delivering quality.
  • Best Overall—for that team member who created and launched a tool, process or product that added value and revolutionized their business unit.

The Mackin Values Award categories:

  • Transparency—for that employee who is always open to new ideas as they embrace change and remain honest and forthcoming.
  • Integrity—for the team member who is honest and respectful toward others.
  • Leadership—which recognizes those who lead, motivate and encourage others.
  • Excellence in Service—for those staff members who serve others in everything they do.
  • Work It Out—for those individuals who bring everyone to the table; successfully negotiate conflict; and set out a path toward solutions.
  • Relationships Matter—which recognizes those who establish, maintain and grow relationships.
  • Anniversary Awards—for the team member who recently celebrated their fifth anniversary as a member of the Mackin Talent team.

Mackin is an international staffing resource for companies large and small seeking to bolster their team with contingent employees, who are also known as contract or temporary workers.

Mackin specializes in Managed Services, which streamlines talent. Mackin’s Managed Services program includes an agile recruitment strategy and vendor managed SOWs.

Mackin’s Virtual Bench and remote workers are part of the firm’s sphere of curated talent.

Mackin’s Direct Hire and Executive Search services attract and lead to the hiring of highly skilled, senior-leadership employees.

Workforce Planning streamlines your team, talent and deliverables. This pivotal piece of the Mackin strategy identifies gaps, hires smart, leverages contingent workers as needed and provides resilience against recessions.

The benefits delivered to clients by way of Mackin’s vision, team and staffing solutions also include:

  • Flexibility—Pivot quickly in response to fluctuations in workload, supply chain and workforce needs.
  • Cost savings—With contingency workers, companies can budget better as it is one flat cost for the labor without having to take into account PTO, health benefits and other incentives that usually come into play with full-time employees.
  • Increased talent pool—Mackin’s curated talent pool includes workers with specialized skills and expertise that can be applied on a project-by-project basis.
  • Reduced risk: Reduce the risk of layoffs by having the flexibility to adjust the workforce as needed, to support current projects and demands.
  • Increased productivity: Mackin employees are managed by a Mackin Engagement Specialist, who works with employees on meeting deliverables and performance.

“We may not be the biggest in the industry,” Leniece said, “but that comes with an advantage larger companies can’t offer—the ability to customize our services to our client’s unique business needs.”

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