The future of interior design becoming an elegant spectrum that fully resonates with the needs for 2020. So, hands up if your home is a perpetually evolving blend of all the things you love the most, as it should normally be. However, with every new season, we let ourselves engaged in the process of change as we see new emerging home decor trends which tempt us to undergo significant updates rather than change them completely.

Since our personal lives often need a bit of inspiration and refreshing, our homes deserve the same kind of attention too. Several interior design experts stress the importance of individuality for the next decade; thus if there is one perfect moment for you to update your home, that would be in 2020.

After years of the same old, same old, now it’s the ideal time to refresh the hearth of your home, the bathroom or living room with textures and nuances only you appreciate. If not now, when is the perfect time to bury the past and stay au courant with the following trends?

Natural Luxury 

As 2020 is all about individuality, designers advise homeowners to focus more on the natural material and décor object that maintain our overall mental wellness. The ability to bring natural elements into your home has been an ambition that for centuries many homeowners have strived for.

Humans have always enjoyed a natural appeal of elements that brings them peace and, above all, are welcoming into a place. One of the reasons why many of us still love nature so much that we want to bring it inside is our inherited connection to the outdoors and to natural elements that are still alive for some of us. However, choosing material to resonate with our personal style entirely is the first step for bringing nature into our homes. One homeowner might enjoy rocky walls and stones while another may prefer the more sophisticated flair of honest hardwood mahogany flooring. 

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you’re thinking about natural luxury? Well, in 2020, some of us are waiting to see more natural materials with a lavish spin like marble accents, candle holders, or vases in both the kitchen and bathroom. Justina Blankley, designer and founder of The Jungalow, predicts that people will soon look for new ways to connect with nature in their home through various natural materials like raffia, grasscloths, raw woods and houseplants. However, this uplifting trend is here to remain as a simple and joyous celebration of nature.

Two-Toned Kitchens

According to John McDonald, the founder, and CEO of Semihandmade, the two-tone kitchen is what brings the flavor in 2020’s interior design trend. Now it’s time to say goodbye to the stark white kitchen and hello to the abundant mix of color that defines today’s trends. The perfect combination of the look includes lighter shades for the shelves that sit higher up and darker color the lower one.

The perfect combination of colours and proper kitchen fixtures demonstrates homeowners that there are no rules for which design elements and colour combinations work best. We spoke with Sean Hayes of Hausera, who said, “48 percent of homeowners said they plan on buying ‘smart’ products for their kitchen, bathroom or laundry room in the next year.” So, for those feeling a little experimental this year, experts strongly advise and provoke people to play with fixtures and different color variations that will bring the hearth of the home back to life.

Sustainable Materials

As society gravitates toward an eco-friendly lifestyle, people are more knowledgeable and ecologically consequences than ever before. With the re-emergence of green thinking and conserving the Earth’s valuable resources, there has been a renewed curiosity in homeowners looking after recycled and used in new ways, repurposed into a new function and even reclaimed from old building projects.

This is strongly reflected in homeowners’ purchase decisions and the overall design sensibility as a strong desire to bring the old earthy elements and warmth to space such as IceStone or bamboo. It’s worth knowing that the IceStone kitchen counter countertops are part concrete and part glass, thus next time, when you toss a wine bottle into the bin, you know that its destination could be someone’s countertop.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds of glass have diligently been diverted from the landfills and mixed with concrete and mother-of-pearl to create a breathtaking IceStone. From recycled glass, old railroad ties and locally sourced wood products, bringing nature into your home has never been easier.

Pattern Everything 

This alluring trend still maintains its popularity, being a celebration of globally inspired patterns that can rejuvenate and bring uniqueness in your home atmosphere. No matter where you choose to implement these rich patterns, what matters the most is how they make you feel. Patterns, especially layered patterns, are quickly becoming dominant in textile designs and tabletop. The key to this trend is that there are no rules.

They can be easily placed on various textured surfaces like walls and throw pillows since some of the patterns can pop out better with texture, so it’s necessary to consider where you’re putting them. However, in interior design, implementing a bold pattern is a strong sign that you’ve reached a new stage. To make sure you know how to use hues and combinations correctly, experts advise homeowners to consult a few guides and examples to develop a strong idea on how to implement them to their interior design successfully.

There is no escape from trends. Whether you live dictated by them or feel totally untouched, everything from paint shades to fixture and furniture choices have strongly been influenced by a large trend. Moreover, interior design experts advise people to overlook those trends that can’t accentuate their individuality and nor satisfy their needs. A perfect trend is where you can find both convenience and functionality.

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