Luke Hessler and Insurance Branding  Aim to Rebrand the Insurance Industry

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Many families are struggling financially due to the unpredictability of the job market and are therefore searching for new ways to create additional streams of Income; selling insurance being one of them. However, some people refuse to consider the opportunity due to their preconceived notions. While some of the criticism is warranted, much of it is a result of the archaic stigma surrounding the profession creating a challenge for many agents, at no fault of their own, who are looking to recruit new talent to their business. 

Many have attempted to rebrand the insurance industry using what has become known as the ‘top down approach’ where one would seek to rebrand the industry as whole. However, rebranding a multibillion dollar industry that has been around for over 100 years is easier said than done.

Insurance Branding on the other hand, has pioneered a new method which they call the ‘bottom up approach’ where they focus on rebranding the individual agents who represent the industry by improving their online reputation. This not only helps agents gain the social proof they need to recruit top talent on social media but also starts the process of rebranding the industry one agent at a time.

Insurance Branding is a first of its kind agency that has quickly grown in popularity largely due to their impressive client list and unique service offering. The company’s mission is to serve those who serve others by helping agents improve their online reputation through Insurance Branding’s Credibility Enhancement Programs (CEP’s) which are guaranteed to transform agents online reputation in as little as 30 days or their money back.

Luke Hessler, a digital entrepreneur and personal branding expert founded Insurance Branding in 2021. While the company is young, Luke is a veteran in the social media space. He has 10+ years of branding experience and has served over 1000 clients in a variety of industries including 8 and 9 figure entrepreneurs, major celebrities, and professional athletes. However after seeing how misunderstood and underserved the Insurance Industry was, he saw a problem he was uniquely qualified to solve and decided to go all in.

Insurance Branding’s Credibility Enhancement Programs (CEP’s) consist of 5 components, Instagram Growth, Instagram Engagement, Digital PR, Inner Circle Networking, and Education. However, depending on which program you participate in will determine how much of each component you receive. Good news is, all deliverables are guaranteed so you know exactly what you’re paying for regardless of which program you choose. In addition to their guarantee, they also offer a referral program called ‘4 for Free” where you can get your CEP’s for free by referring 4 other people to the program.

No one knows if Insurance Branding will ultimately achieve it’s dream of rebranding the Insurance Industry, but one things for sure, by agents who choose to invest into their personal brand and improve their online reputation are going to have a massive competitive advantage on the rest of the industry as the world becomes more and more digital.

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