LOVELYTHEBAND Gets Honest at the Roxy: The last time we saw LOVELYTHEBAND perform, they were at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas in 2019. Back then, we said, “LOVELYTHEBAND are perhaps the chirpiest band in history. Everything about the L.A. indie rockers is uplifting and cheerful, this despite the fact that their best known song, ‘Broken,’ serves to remove the stigmas associated with mental illness. There’s nothing twee or superficial about them, yet it’s impossible not to smile throughout their set. They even have a song about how much they love their friends.” That still stands today.

They put out the if we’re being honest album in June. On creating the new album, lovelytheband vocalist Mitchy Collins shares, “We found ourselves being drawn to songs that all shared a common thread of honesty. The lyrics are literal and expose more of our truth than ever before. It was an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience. We weren’t only writing music infused with moments of introspection; we put our deepest fears, doubts, and confessions into every line and every melody. The creative process of this record has set into motion a much welcomed inertia of healing. Jordan, Sam, and myself don’t wear our struggles the same way. But they eat at us all. We encourage everyone to share more… and if we’re being honest, it feels good to feel good again.”

LOVELYTHEBAND Gets Honest at the Roxy: The event takes place at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, January 24 at the Roxy.










































































































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