By Jill Stewart

Big-time 405 FUBAR nightmare, a full-on freeway closure this evening. So stay away from the Westside of Los Angeles tonight because they are tearing down the Skirball Bridge near Getty Center. As we reported last December, there's going to be a lot of congestion for about three years as construction continues.

If you have to get between the city and the San Fernando Valley, take Coldwater, Laurel Canyon, or PCH. Because folks, and we quote:

–Full closure of Skirball Center Dr bridge 10pm to 6am for demo of north side of Bridge.

–Number 1, 2 northbound lanes closed from Sunset to Skirball tonight, 11pm to 6am

–Southbound FULL 405 FREEWAY closure from US 101 to Getty/Sepulveda tonight, midnight to 5am

–Southbound on-ramp from Burbank Bl closed midnight to 5am

–Southbound on-ramp from Valley Vista closed 7pm to 6am

–Southbound on-ramp from Ventura Bl closed 7pm to 6am

–Southbound off-ramp to Skirball Center Dr closed 7pm to 6am

–Southbound on-ramp from Skirball Center Dr closed 7pm to 6am

–Southbound 101 connector to southbound I-405 closed 11pm to 5am

–Northbound 101 connector to southbound I-405 closed 0pm to 6am

–Number 3, 4 southbound lanes closed from Mulholland to Skirball 11pm to 5am

–Number 4, 5 southbound lanes closed, Valley Vista to Mulholland, 10pm to 5am

–Sepulveda Bl reduced to 1 lane each way, Montana to Sepulveda Wy, 9pm to 6am

–Southbound on-ramp from eastbound Sunset Bl closed 7pm to 6am

If you want to know all the the gruesome details of this massive reworking of the 405 around Sunset Boulevard and Sepulveda Pass, which has over the past several weeks turned the 10 minute drive between Westwood and Encino into a 30- or 40-minute drive and will do so for the foreseeable future, go to Metro's site and sign up for their scary Twitter service.

But don't try calling the phone numbers, as we reported last December:

We tried again today, to get through on their community outreach number. Pretty funny, they never pick up the phones. Give it a try.

If you reach anyone, do let us know!

Metro's Community Relations Office I-405 Project “hotline” is (213) 922-3665. When we called today, none of the three Community Relations officers or managers, Olga N. Arroyo, Lorena Yepez Hernandez or Yvette ZR Rapose, was answering.

But if you Press One, they will give you the name and cell phone number of a Metro employee who is on cell phone duty. Out of kindness, that number isn't being published here. It's probably disconnected.

The 405 widening, bridge-replacement and car pool project, they say, will last into 2013 (but that would be in people years. In Metro years, let's say 2014 or 2015).

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