Los Angeles-Based Public Haus Agency Celebrates Five Years of Growth with “No BS” Approach to PR and Marketing

When Los Angeles-based PR, influencer marketing and content agency Public Haus debuted in 2017, founder Ryan Croy sought out to build something different. Formerly Managing Partner at a 20-person entertainment and brands agency specializing mostly in media relations, Croy had seen an opening for an agency model built on the notion that you don’t have to be the biggest, sexiest agency in the city to find quick success (there are already hundreds in Los Angeles claiming that title); you just have to know your strengths and use them to prove your undeniable value to clients – and growth will come as a result.

Recently celebrating its five-year anniversary, Public Haus has held true to this philosophy for the past half decade; as a result, the agency has grown year-over-year since its launch, with 2022 poised to be a banner year.

“From the beginning, I knew that I didn’t want to snatch at every client opportunity that presented itself; especially if it wasn’t something that I wanted to be fully invested in,” said Croy. “That meant that there were some growing pains earlier on. While I knew I had to grow revenue in order to scale the agency, my gut told me that if we passed on opportunities that didn’t really move us, then we’d create an opening for the right opportunities to present themselves.”

And present themselves they did. Fueled by its “No BS” approach to communications as humorously conveyed in the agency’s popular “Buzzwords” video, released in early 2020, Public Haus quickly expanded into consumer areas including automotive, active lifestyle, apparel, tech, spirits and more.

“The first time I knew I was onto something was when we signed Chevron as a client back in 2018,” said Croy. “As a small, up-and-coming shop, signing a global giant like Chevron gave us the confidence and the flexibility to selectively grow, both in size and service offering. Granted we were handling targeted product launches for a smaller consumer brands division within the larger corporation, we had the ability to test new strategies that were so well received that our work has since expanded into other areas of Chevron.”

Having previously spent close to 15 years in senior roles at agencies in both Los Angeles and New York City, primarily focusing on publicity, Croy sought to create a digital-first agency that combines media relations with influencer marketing, video content production and distribution, social media marketing and various paid strategies. Knowing the costs of overhead it takes to run an agency under the traditional model, he opted to open up shop in a shared workspace, which gave him the flexibility to scale without being locked into a long-term lease – allowing for savings he passes along to clients.

Today, with a growing team of just under ten media relations pros, influencer marketers and content strategists, Public Haus continues to expand its service offerings while refining its focus and approach.

“Every client is different and it’s our job to assess each individually, because sometimes what they think they need, isn’t what they actually need,” added Croy.

“Before jumping in and saying ‘yes’ to everything a potential client tells us they want, we always start with a brand assessment, and make recommendations based on what we believe will most benefit them; and then expand from there. I really believe it’s one of the reasons we have clients for years instead of months.”

In addition to Chevron, Public Haus represents a roster of noteworthy clients including Chemical Guys, the top auto detailing lifestyle brand in the country; Beast blender, the most talked about high-end kitchen gadget since its early 2021 debut; ROXY, the women’s sun, snow and fitness apparel brand; The Brand House Group, an up-and-coming spirits house bringing to market innovative brands, including the recently-debuted and highly-touted OMAGE California brandy; among many others.

“While our offerings have definitely expanded since the agency’s launch in 2017, our mission remains the same,” added Croy. “We work with clients that inspire us and deliver for them in ways that most agencies our size don’t. It’s really that simple.”

Public Haus Agency is based in Los Angeles and represents clients from all regions of the US, in addition to Europe.

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