Long Lost NFT Takes Los(t) Angeles

Since its launch in February, Long Lost NFT has become the talk of the town, disrupting the art world and changing the NFT and crypto industries. Their unique approach to the NFT marketplace is helping to bridge the gap between Web 3.0 and the real world, something that has enabled Long Lost NFT to cement its place in the industry. As part of their mission, Long Lost NFT has now taken their incredible project to the people of Los Angeles as they assist the masses in knowing more about Long Lost NFT and the industry in general.

According to ‘Eklipsed,’ co-founder of the Long Lost NFT and the project lead, this will be their first meet-up since they established their project. Seeing that NFT is still a new topic to the majority, Long Lost NFT wants to shed more light on the subject and help their holders grow their revenue. They are offering giveaways, including sporting event tickets and meet-ups, as they help bring NFT lovers together to build a strong community.

The whole world of NFTs is still in its infancy, and there’s a lot to be considered to be successful as either an NFT holder or developer. ‘Eklipsed’ explains that there are many challenges, and the fact that the area is a bit complex and volatile, there have been many issues, from scams to hacking. Starting their project, Long Lost NFT, Eklipsed and the team wanted a platform built on the value of transparency and trust, supporting investors to easily navigate the NFT marketplace.

Long Lost NFT has integrated feedback and community involvement in their business developments, creating a diverse team and building long-term relations with their holders. They believe that to effectively bridge the gap between Web 3 and the real world; all must be part of the journey with their first meet and greet in Los Angeles.

This will give their holders a chance to learn more about Long Lost NFT and enjoy giveaways, among other rewards. Long Lost NFT is a profile picture project consisting of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs that are based on shape-shifting forms, including zombies, ghouls, skeletons, and ghosts. The origin of each figure is rooted in the legend of a portal that opened to another dimension representing long-lost people who shape-shifted in the process to make their roadmap unique.

Long Lost NFT is giving its holders the ability to not only hold digital assets but also access to live events, merchandise, and other rewards. They are venturing into the streetwear and entertainment space, developing a solid community that is built on trust and authenticity.

As explained by ‘Eklipsed’, the meet and greet in Los Angeles will help the community learn more about their project and get a chance to meet those behind Long Lost NFT. It will allow the audience and investors to understand how their project came to be and how they are changing the NFT marketplace. It will also help Long Lost NFT in their journey into the metaverse as they create a strong community where everyone can share their opinions.

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