I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for 5 years now, so I know the struggle of long-distance intimacy. Throw a bloody global pandemic on top of that and it sucks even more. 

While nothing compares to fucking each other IRL, there is one thing you can try – long-distance sex toys.


Using a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and smartphone apps, these long distance toys allow you to control each other vibrators, butt plugs, or penis toys in real-time. 

Some can even sync up so you both feel similar sensations at the same time!

Here we look at the 15 best long distance toys on the market!

15 Best Long Distance Partner Sex Toys

1. Lovense Nora Rabbit Vibrator – Best Long Distance Rabbit Vibrator

lovense nora

Price: $199

  • Syncs with Max 2 male masturbator
  • 4-hour battery life
  • Rabbit vibrator with G-spot and clitoris stimulation

Connecting to the Lovense Remote app, the Nora rabbit vibrator is designed to vibrate your clitoris and G-spot, leading to some mind-blowing blended orgasms when you’re using it in just the right way. 

If you’re not aware, a “blended orgasm” is when clit and G spot orgasms blend together at the same time, producing a “super orgasm” of sorts.

It’s as good as it sounds.

The Nora rabbit vibrator can be controlled remotely by your partner, and it can also be paired with the Lovense Max 2 male masturbator toy, which uses vibrations and contractions to pleasure a male partner’s penis. 

Together, Max and Nora are able to make long distance partner play fun, intense, and simultaneous!

2. Lovense Max 2 Male Masturbation Machine – Best Long Distance Penis Toy

lovense max2

Price: $199

  • Pleasures penis with vibrations & contractions
  • Fleshlight-esque textured internal sleeve
  • 9.5 inches long

9.5 inches long with some very powerful motors, the Lovense Max 2 is an automatic male masturbator using vibrations, 360-degree contractions, and a textured internal sleeve to pleasure the penis. 

Connecting to the Lovense app, a partner is able to control the thing in real time.

As mentioned earlier, it can also sync up with the Nora rabbit-style vibrator. As of November 2020, you can buy the Nora and Max as a couples set for just $190 on the Lovense official website!

The only downside to the Max 2? The contractions are loud and very not-erotic.

3. Kiiroo Pearl 2 & Fuse Couples Set – Best For Lesbian Couples

Kiiroo Pearl 2

Price: $219

  • Rabbit-style vibrator & dual-stimulation vibrator
  • Designed for female-female couples
  • High-quality silicone

Designed for a female-female long distance relationship (or one where both partners have vulvas) this couples set is perfect for exploring some pussy power! 

Featuring Kiiroo’s trademark touch-sensitive control panels, these toys can connect over Wi-Fi and transmit pleasure signals to each other in real time.

Sound good?

As well as having the ability to sync up, these vibrators offer amazing G-spot and clitoral stimulation, with the Pearl 2 designed so you can use it internally or externally as you desire. Oh, and in addition to spicing up long distance relationships, these toys can be used with VR (virtual reality) separately, so you can start getting really techy if you like!

4. Lovense Lush 2 Vibrating Egg – Best Remote Control Egg Vibrator

lovense lush2

Price: $119

  • Internal egg-style vibrator
  • G-spot stimulation
  • Popular with camgirls

The Lush 2 is an egg vibrator that you see all over camgirl (and camboy) websites, so it may look familiar. 

This toy has a Bluetooth-enabled antenna that connects to a smartphone app, receiving commands from long distance partners or Chaturbate viewers who are tipping.

Powerful, quiet, and nestling just right against the G spot, the Lush can lead to some pretty intense hands free orgasms controlled by your partner from anywhere in the world.

The price is officially listed as $119 on the Lovense website, but there seems to be a never-ending sale where it’s available for $99, so keep an eye out for them sweet deals.

How Do I Set Up Long Distance Lush?

If you’re looking for how to set up your Lush for long distance play rather than camming, we have a tutorial on “how to use long distance toys” further down the page that should help.  You can also view our guide to the best remote control vibrators for more info.

5. Kiiroo Onyx+ and Pearl 2 Couples Set – Best For G Spot Orgasms

Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl 2 Couples Set

Price: $289

  • Long distance clitoral stimulator & penis stroker
  • Onyx can reach 140 strokes per minute
  • Designed for hetero couples

Designed for female-male couples, this set includes the Onyx+ – an automatic penis stroker – and the Pearl 2 – a dual stimulation vibrator that can be used as a clit stimulator and G spot vibrator. 

The dual stimulation nature of the Pearl 2 makes this a great couples set for ladies who like different types of pleasure depending on the day.

Some days I want a little clit tickle, others I want a huge thing inside me. You know?

The Onyx+ uses a series of contracting rings to “stroke” the man’s penis, with both lovers connecting to the app and experiencing simultaneous pleasure. I personally think that these toys are best used by people who want to control one another’s toy independently rather than use them at the same time.

Why? Well vibrations and penis strokes don’t really “match up” if you catch my drift.

6. Lovense Hush Vibrating Butt Plug – App-Controlled Vibrating Anal Plug

lovense hush

Price: $119

  • 2 thicknesses available
  • 120 hours standby time & 1.5 hour battery life
  • Discreet public play

Another Lovense product that sells for $119 but is eternally on sale for $99, the Lovense Hush vibrating butt plug is perfect for long-distance teasing between horny couples. 

Designed for any gender, this app-controlled butt plug can lead to prostate pleasure, anal excitement, and just that great feeling of being a submissive little bitch!

Manufactured with a spiral neck to help trap lube inside the sphincter, the Hush is designed to be worn all day, allowing partners to tease each other from their smartphones as they go about their day.

I love sitting on the train when my partner sends me a wink emoji and suddenly my butt is tingling with pleasure. I feel like a sexy secret agent. I don’t know why.

7. Kiiroo Onyx & Onyx Couples Set – Best For Gay Long Distance Relationships

Kiiroo Onyx

Price: $379

  • Penis stroker machines
  • 140 strokes per minute
  • Experience the same sensations

If you’re in a long-distance gay relationship and you’re looking to please each other and enjoy penis massages simultaneously, allow me to introduce you to the Kiiroo Onyx and Onyx set. 

As we mentioned before, this is a penis stroking machine that uses contracting rings to milk your cock at up to 140 strokes per minute.

You have a couple of options for partner-controlled fun here.

First, you could control your partner’s Onyx through your smartphone, dirty talking them as you play with the different modes. Second, you could set the two devices to perform the same motions in sync, giving the two of you the same penis massage simultaneously while you flirt on video chat.

These devices also have VR (virtual reality) modes, so you could use a gay VR porn site like VRB Gay to watch VR porn while the Onyx strokes your cock in sync with the porn on-screen. 

It’s certainly an experience!

8. Lovense Edge Prostate Massager – Best For Intense Prostate Orgasms

lovense edge

Price: $119

  • Adjustable prostate massager
  • Hit the perfect spot
  • Dual motors for prostate & perineum

Designed for people who really like prostate orgasms, this app-controlled prostate massager is great for teasing a male partner while dirty talking him over video chat, especially if he’s a gay man into anal or a straight dude who’s just open-minded about the sheer awesomeness of prostate orgasms.

Remember guys, hands free prostate orgasms exist and they are AMAZING.

Anyway, this app-controlled prostate massager comes with dual motors for the prostate and perineum, so the “male G spot” is being stimulated both internally and externally at the same time, leading to very intense results. 

This thing is also fully adjustable, so you can bend it to whatever angle you like and ensure that you hit that P-spot jussstttttttttt right.

9. LoveHoney Desire Panty Vibrator – Best For Discreet Public Teasing

LoveHoney Desire

Price: $124.99

  • App-controlled panty vibrator
  • Use to tease partner in public
  • 8 vibration patterns & 12 intensity levels

If discreet public clitoral stimulation is your thing, look no further than the LoveHoney Desire wearable vibrator! Designed to be slipped into the panties and used like vibrating panties, this wearable vibrator offers intense clitoral stimulation all at the hands of your significant other!

Controlled by the LoveHoney Desire App, this panty vibrator can be controlled from your own phone or from a long-distance partner’s phone, so it’s perfect for both solo and remote play. 

The vibrator itself is also waterproof and fully USB rechargeable, so it’s very easy to clean and maintain.

Oh, and you can get as wet as you like.

10. We-Vibe Nova 2 Vibrator – Best For G Spot and Clitoral Pleasure

We Vibe Nova 2

Price: $149

  • Flexible rabbit-style vibrator
  • Multiple vibration modes
  • Powerful clitoral stimulator

Controlled via the We-Connect app, this rabbit-style vibrator is made from soft silicone which is perfectly comfortable and hygienic for your body. 

It’s also USB rechargeable, so it’s easy to maintain and keep it charged up without spending a fortune on those stupid little sex toy batteries that are hard to find.

The We Vibe Nova 2 can be controlled remotely via the We Connect app, controlled from either your own phone or that of your partner. 

The multiple vibration modes and dual motor for the clit and G-spot make this We Vibe toy one of the best long distance adult products on this list by a country mile.

11. We-Vibe Verge Vibrating Cock Ring – Best For Male Masturbation

We Vibe Verge

Price: $119

  • App-controlled vibrating cock ring
  • Perineum stimulator for P-spot
  • Control via We Connect app

Very powerful with multiple vibration patterns, the We-Vibe Verge is a great starting point for beginner long-distance couples who are looking for ways to explore LDR sexual intimacy.

Uniquely, the We Vibe Verge has a perineum arm that sends powerful vibrations to the prostate externally, helping to milk the P-spot and improve the feeling of male masturbation. If you’ve got a male partner who’s hesitant to try internal prostate massagers, this external massage could be a great way to encourage them.

Believe me, they’ll be encouraged.

Similarly to the We Vibe Sync, this toy is 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable, so it’s easy to clean and maintain. Your partner can control the vibration patterns and intensities via the We Connect app, milking your cock and P-spot into submission while you stroke your dick.

12. Vibease Remote Control Mini Vibrator – Best For Video Chat


Price: $119

  • Syncs with audio erotica for solo play
  • App complete with video calls for partner play
  • Panty vibrator with multiple vibration modes

Designed primarily for solo play, the Vibease is a small panty vibrator that syncs up with audio erotica on its app, making a fun and unique masturbatory experience for people with vulvas. 

However, the Vibease app can also be used by a long distance partner, granting them total control over your secret little vibrator!

Conveniently, the Vibease app also comes with integrated calls and video chats, so you can FaceTime your partner while they ramp up the vibrations in your panties all from the one app. 

Just picture it now – you spend your lunch at work in a nearby cafe video chatting with your partner while they tickle your clit under the table.

I’m getting hot just thinking about it!

13. Clone A Willy – Make a Replica Of Your Penis

Clone A Willy

Price: $49.99

  • 4 color options
  • Includes vibrator
  • Platinum-cured silicone mold

Okay, so this isn’t a long distance adult toy in the traditional sense, but it has the same concept. Basically, you make a replica of your erect penis in a mold, fill it with silicone, put a vibrator bullet inside, and voila! You now have a replica of your cock that you can give to your partner to masturbate with when you’re apart!

No software or apps required, this is simple no-nonsense stuff.

However, just be aware that the dick molding process is not easy. You have to follow the instructions VERY CAREFULLY or it won’t work. Also you need to maintain an erection while sticking your cock in a mold – it’s very difficult. Lots of guys take Viagra before doing this to keep their dick hard throughout the process.

14. Clone a Pussy – Make a Replica Of Your Vagina

Clone a Pussy

Price: $34.99

  • Make a silicone mold of your pussy
  • Bright pink color
  • No apps or software required!

The vagina version of Clone A Willy, Clone a Pussy allows female partners to make a silicone mold of their vulva, giving it to their partners as a sort-of Fleshlight-like sex toy to enjoy when they’re not around.

While this sounds good, it’s pretty difficult to use this molding kit in practice, so be careful! It’s much easier to mold an erect penis than a pussy, simply due to the shape.

Still, if the idea of cloning your puss turns you on, why not surprise your long distance partner with this naughty treat?

15. We-Vibe Rave G-Spot Vibrator – Best Long Distance G-Spot Toy

We Vibe Rave

Price: $119

  • Unique shape
  • Connects to We Connect app
  • Asymmetrical shape heightens every movement

Are you really into G-spot sex products? Well-designed G spot toys can be amazing, so we don’t blame you!

Large and in charge, chunky yet funky, the We Vibe Rave is a large vibrator with a unique shape that helps to massage your internal pussy pleasure points when you gyrate and move around in pleasure.

Connecting to the We Connect app like most We Vibe toys, the Rave can be controlled by your partner from anywhere in the world, whether they’re 10 miles away or on a different continent.

We-Vibe sure knows what they’re doing, that’s all I can say.

Read more about vibrators like this in our guide to the best vibrators online!

How do long distance sex toys work?

Long-distance sex toys use a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals to allow long-distance couples (or regular couples who are temporarily apart) to control one another’s sex toys remotely.

This can be a great way to spice up your sex life when the two of you are apart, helping to keep the spark alive despite the distance.

Basically, this is how long distance sex toys work for 90% of the products:

The process

  1. One or both partners buys a sex toy from a company that produces long distance sex toys. Popular companies in this space (known as the “teledildonics industry”) include Lovense, We-Vibe, and OhMiBod.
  2. You download the sex toy’s app – this is usually an app that the company uses for all its LDR toys. For example, Lovense has the Lovense Remote app, We-Vibe has the We-Connect app, and OhMiBod has the OhMiBod Remote App.
  3. Make an account on the app and link it to your sex toy via Bluetooth. Once this is done, you can tap commands into your smartphone and your sex toy will respond in real-time. For instance, the Lovense app allows you to drag around icons and the toy will respond with corresponding vibrations/contractions. You can also create your own vibration patterns and download other users’ custom patterns too.
  4. Your partner should also download the same app as you and they need to “add you” as a friend or partner. There are different ways to do this depending on the app, but it’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s similar to adding friends on Facebook. If your partner is also using a sex toy that syncs up with yours, they’ll need to connect their toy via Bluetooth in the same manner.
  5. You’re ready to go! Switch your toy(s) on, go into the app, and control one another’s toys! When one partner puts commands into their smartphone, the signal is sent through Wi-Fi and received in the other partner’s phone. The receiving phone then turns this into a Bluetooth signal, sending out signals to the nearby sex toy on how to vibrate, for how long, and at what strength.

It’s not that hard!

It’s pretty simple really. It boils down to WiFi signals getting turned into Bluetooth signals and sent to sex toys in near real time. 

It’s a little annoying that you have to have your smartphone nearby throughout this process, but as long as it’s within Bluetooth signal range you should be fine.

Also, lots of couples like to have “virtual sex” where they talk on the phone or video call each other while using these sex toys, so you’ll probably find yourself with your phone in your hands anyway.

Oh, and make sure you both remember to fully charge your sex toys and smartphones! Your vibrator dying halfway through a virtual sex session can be a real buzzkill, as you can imagine.

Did you like my low-key “buzzkill” pun there? No? Okay.

Things to Consider Before Buying Long Distance Sex Toys

So, the idea of you and your partner being able to pleasure each other from 1000s of miles away turns you on? Great! But before you go rushing to Lovense or We Vibe, there are a few things to consider first:

They’re really frickin’ expensive

Okay, so first things first, these long-distance toys are very expensive, usually costing upwards of $100. 

$100 or more is not easily found for a lot of people.

These products are pricey, but you have to consider investing in your LDR to help keep you and your partner close despite the distance.

There can be glitches & awkward moments

I need to make this crystal clear – it’s not going to be like Prince Charming sweeping you off your feet on Zoom. 

As with most technology, you’re going to have technical glitches and problems that can take the passion right out of the moment.

Imagine you’re video calling your partner while using one of the toys and then just as you’re about to cum the connection drops out. It happens!

Just try to be patient and have a sense of humor about these awkward moments.

You might not like the way they feel

Okay, so you’ve found some sex products that work for LDRs. That’s great and all, but what if you don’t actually like the way they feel?

Lots of LDR couples forget this entirely as they’re excitedly buying these toys – consider whether you will actually like the experience.

For example, I know lots of men who find automatic male masturbators to be incredibly bulky, annoying, and off-putting.

Before splashing your cash at Kiiroo, We Vibe, or wherever… consider what type of sex toy you’ll actually enjoy first.

Tips For Phone Sex & Long Distance Intimacy

Okay, so if you’re having phone sex (or video chat virtual sex) when using these products, there are a few tips I have to share with you!

  • Get consent – you should always get someone’s consent before filming them or have virtual sex sessions that might be recorded.
  • Establish Trust- make sure you trust your partner not to record anything or post anything online. Revenge porn is a very real issue!
  • Set the Mood – make your bedroom (or wherever you’re chatting) look and feel sexy. Light some candles, dim the lights, put some music on, and make sure you’re at a flattering angle.
  • Remember the Delay – when you change the settings on your lover’s toy, there will be a couple-second delay before you see their reaction… remember this before you go ramping the power up to 100%
  • Have Fun With It – if things go awry, try to laugh it off and have fun!

How Can I Satisfy My Man Long Distance Sexually?

If you’re in a LDR with a male partner and you want to satisfy him sexually, here are a few things to try:

  1. Get a long distance adult toy like the ones mentioned in this list from Lovense and We Vibe
  2. Use the Clone A Willy or Clone A Pussy kits to make a silicone replica of your genitals
  3. Try having virtual sex over video chat (preferably with LDR sex toys!)
  4. Give good old-fashioned sexting a try

A combination of these methods can help to keep the romantic flame burning while you’re apart!


We’ve looked at a lot of products today, but I must say that the Lovense Max 2 and Nora are my favorite for sure. Both of these products are highly regarded in their own right, so the two of them together are unstoppable.

You can control your partner’s Max 2 or Nora from your phone or you can sync these toys together so you both enjoy simultaneous virtual sex and similar orgasmic buildups.

It truly is a hot (virtual) experience.

Hopefully one of these LDR adult toys will make your long-distance sex life just that little bit easier. Good luck!


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